Yoga Teacher

I am now a licensed yoga teacher! I passed all the exams with maximum points. I graduated from Aura Wellness Center in the USA. My focus will be on fitness-boosting power yoga.

My yoga is calorie burning. It goes from toning to lengthening the muscles. My yoga leaves you feeling like you’ve pushed yourself, and can be proud. I focus on toning the abdominals.

I plan to teach yoga in the park. Fresh air is so soothing. I also plan to take private yoga students in my yoga room. These are the first steps. My lessons will also include elements from Pilates and ballet barre.

I can also teach other types of classes, more focused on relaxation and stretching. I will offer workout plans that guide you to a lean and happy body, including cardio training and food guidelines.

Yoga for Stress

I’m back in Blog World. I was working on my yoga teacher studies these past months. Now I am done. I am excited to share my knowledge.

Stress is something that I know well. I hate that I know it, but I do. I have to accept that this is my personality. I get things done quickly and well, but on the other hand, I get too wound up at times. That’s when yoga comes in.

Yoga practice looks very different depending on your goals. You can focus on calorie burning and weight loss thru intense muscle work. You can also do a calm, restorative yoga practice centered around stretching and breath work. You can also take elements from both.

Before you step on your yoga mat, take a mental body scan. What do you need today – calming down or boosting your energy?

Here is a flow that calms you:

Mountain pose – standing forward bend – low lunges with both legs – warrior 1 and 2 – tree pose – seated forward bend – puppy pose

Here is a flow that stimulates your energy:

Chair pose – twisted chair pose – plank – side plank – triangle pose – half moon moon pose – warrior 1 and 2

Here is a link to an awesome stress relieving yoga class.