Glam NYC Xmas

Here I am in the Big Apple. Taking in all the art. TriBeCa being my fave stamping ground. Those Victorian facades. Little alleys where you can just get sweetly lost.

For me, Christmas is remembering the first reason – the birth of my Savior. I spend alone-time and mediate upon this. Christmas is also time with family.This year my sister flew in from Helsinki. The hubs rode the train after me, and my dear New Yorker friend is hosting us.

Christmas is about cuddling. Relaxing after a sturdy load of year’s work. Skating in Central Park. Pop-ins at Starbucks.

Christmas is about letting your glamour side out. Celebrating in sparkle. I’m rocking silver platform pumps.

This is an art exhibition I saw. I watch my Gossip Girl before wrecking the TV, though.

Maybe you’ll get some new lingerie this year. I asked for a Bath and Body Works stocking stuffer…

Art, red wine and sushi – my fave Christmas menu – city walks… being out there when few others are. This is the glamour of a holiday.

NYC kisses to all of you, my sweet cupcake readers!


Turquoise Twist


Gucci rocked this winter turquoise… And I say yay. I love shaking this tone when the temps fall. Makes sunny beaches feel not that far. Plus it suits most of us – that lagoon chic of a glow.

This is Montreal Christmas magic. Sweet little bows and wreaths budding up across town. I’m burning my French Toast candle, lusciously. Getting into the holiday spirit.

Tomorrow at the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo, I shall head out to the station and commence my NYC journey. I’ve decked myself with glamour reading – fave fashion mags and a NYC-based-story novel. Of course I bear munchies to last the whole long day and a high-heel decorated little notebook of mine – I love jotting down my thoughts as they flow – plus a bottle of red to pop open once arrived.

Can’t wait to let the Big Apple charm me… once and again! Hopefully I’ll be meeting many of you, my blogger friends, too.

Yep Quebec!

Whew, here we are in Canada! As many of you figured out, my new home is in Quebec, in Quebec City that is! The sweetheart and I started our idea of moving to Canada over a year ago. We wanted to create a new life. See something different.

I was born and raised in Finland, got my high school diploma and some college studies in the U.S. – Wisconsin and Florida – then spent the last ten years living and working in Paris, France. Today I am eager to start a new chapter in my life. Also glad to be back on the American Continent.

See the excitement in my eyes as I am about to take off towards Montreal. Traveling chic, of course!

I had said that once I get to Quebec City and get my Tall Americano at Starbuckies that is when I’ll relax. So I got it, and chilled! It feels amazingly soothing to have arrived somewhere and to know that you don’t have to be on the move illico presto.  After two months of living out of a suitcase – and trying to be the minimum fash’ – this does have a sweet taste to it.

In the near future, I may not be able to blog as often as I usually do. Lots to organize over here, as you probably figured. The blog will undergo some changes as well… first and foremost the name. If you have any suggestions, scoot them over my way!  I do have an idea. Also, I plan to continue to blog about fashion, take outfit photos and pictures of the city. Just as you know this Susu. But if there are any other things you’d enjoy reading about, do tell me. I have been pondering about writing more about self-development and healthy living, or also a dash more about my actual daily life. But then again, would that really be of interest? I’ll write what my heart tells me, that is for sure.

Thank you for following me to this side of the Atlantic. Warm Quebec hugs!