Cruising the Baltic Sea

This summer I took a cruise from Finland to Sweden with the two favorite boys in my life, my dad and husband. It was a memorable moment. We went onto the deck to admire the Finnish archipelago. The midnight sun was there. The air was warm but brought some much appreciated coolness after the scorching hot, endless summer days. After that we descended down to the restaurant and enjoyed a yummy dinner overlooking the sea.

Taking the cruise was a dream I had had. It was one of my summer vacation goals. I planned it, reserved it and lived every moment of it. This is comparable to many situations in life. First you need to define what you want. This can be amazingly tricky since there are many things that can be worthy of your time, yet you cannot do them all. Focusing carefully is the key. Once your goal is set, you have to find out how to get there. You make a plan. Break it into precise steps. Don’t underestimate the importance of detail. And then you go for it. It may take time and effort but in the end you will be contented.

What is the one goal you want to achieve this fall? What is “your cruise”?

Smell the Summer Roses

Summer vacation has started, and oh boy does it feel good! Lazy mornings when you can get up at your own pace and decide whether it’ll be a run, yoga or just chilling with a cup of Joe. I’m taking the time to plan some new things professionally for the next season. There’ll be some exciting news to announce soon. I’m continuing with my English teaching business,¬†yet adding¬†something new into the mix.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to tune in with your core. Find out what it is that you need at this time of your life. I realize that I crave yoga’s toning yet lengthening power. I long for walks in the forest and time to sit in the sun and read or write down my thoughts.

I also stop to smell the flowers. I appreciate their beauty, here and now. They remind me of the fleetingness of life. This realization should not make us sad but to encourage us to live fully in the moment. It should also boost us in loving the people who love us back. Knowing that they’re there now – and that’s a gift.

Blowing rosy kisses your way!

Sherbert Dream

The rock festival is full speed jazzing on. Bon Jovi popped in on Monday, The Offspring shall be ours on Saturday. The Sweets and I drove up the Saint Lawrence River’s North shore, and an hour from Quebec City found this pearl. A Milan-type, magnificent cathedral, and a delicious ice-cream parlor just en face. Oh the joy… did you notice my bonbon-prettified cone?

This eve’ I’m hosting a Girls’ Night. I’ll decorate the little glass table with pearls. We’ll eat yummy bell pepper hummus, honey roasted nuts and – still a surprise flavor, according to baker Anne’s inspiration – cupcakes and sip on some lush wine. All my friends, that I’ve been lucky to make since my arrival in December, are coming!

Art by Susa

Roxy shorts, Shania top, H&M cardigan, Gap ballet flats, C&A jewelry

Photos from Saint Anne de Beaupre, Canada