Signatures Quebecoises Show

At the restaurant Versa I got to savor latest Quebecker cutting-edge fashion. Creativity was sizzling in the air. Designers from Signatures Quebecoises, a buzzing new talent hub and a store on the one of Quebec City’s busiest streets, were featuring their spring and summer collections.

Pop of color – even with the always classy black.

Chiffon is so of actuality. With killer heels, naturallement.

I went for a sixties vibe – and a little eye-catching craze on the leg.

Versa’s ambiance is chic yet relaxed. Music is at a good level.


Peachy tones rule this summer.

Versa’s specialty – the oyster bar. I could stand at the counter for hours and marvel at their shell opening techniques.

Fashion brings us together…

I’m just having a glam time with all the fashion fun taking place allover Quebec City. After the long winter, oh la la, does that feel good or what. Being able to shed the layers and live in high heels again. Well, I did it even before… but now it’s more, hmm… of a conventional practice.

Kitsch Fashion Show

Quebec City is bathing in trendy waters with the Quebec Fashion Festival taking over the city. I popped in for some vogue inspirations at Versa Restaurant Bar. Boutique Kitsch showcased their spring and summer goodies.

Lots of peppy colors pranced around.

Turquoise was my game. Throw a rose in your hair… and off you go!

Lovely burning peach in the blazer.

Girly chic at its best.

At Versa you can dine in a contemporary atmosphere. Champagne and oysters. Well, my fling is just the first one.

My gal Yasmina came along. We had a chic little time. Chatting and contemplating summer doings.

Beachy stuff on my mind. Maine shore shall it be.

Pop up the cork, girl!

There was equally a model contest. I voted for this chic chick. There is something Kate Winslety about her. She carried herself so uniquely.

So, will you go peachy dressy or minty skinny?