Cupcake Glitter

Lace entices me this spring time. Pulling that white wonder out of the closet, after a winter so long. My legs breathe. Toes giggle. Soul shyly starts to sing. Possibly. Hopefully.

My Quebecker pal keeps baking the sweets away. Nutty tones.

I smile. I try to live life to the fullest. My challenge. Internal tensions. Panic attacks that try to lurk. Feeling tense inside. Pains. For no reason. Uncomfortable sensations in a bus. A crowded place. Spoiling my joy.

Oh, if I could just go back to that girl I used to be. Relaxed. Living here and now. Fearlessly. I keep believing I can.

Lime longings. Refreshing tang.

Sensing you as a cupcake.

Tip-toe tango.

Learning that relaxed attitude.

My life.  Now. What is yours?

Sophistix top, Shania skirt, Tamaris pumps, Helsinki vintage purse