Cruising the Baltic Sea

This summer I took a cruise from Finland to Sweden with the two favorite boys in my life, my dad and husband. It was a memorable moment. We went onto the deck to admire the Finnish archipelago. The midnight sun was there. The air was warm but brought some much appreciated coolness after the scorching hot, endless summer days. After that we descended down to the restaurant and enjoyed a yummy dinner overlooking the sea.

Taking the cruise was a dream I had had. It was one of my summer vacation goals. I planned it, reserved it and lived every moment of it. This is comparable to many situations in life. First you need to define what you want. This can be amazingly tricky since there are many things that can be worthy of your time, yet you cannot do them all. Focusing carefully is the key. Once your goal is set, you have to find out how to get there. You make a plan. Break it into precise steps. Don’t underestimate the importance of detail. And then you go for it. It may take time and effort but in the end you will be contented.

What is the one goal you want to achieve this fall? What is “your cruise”?

My Mind Is Dancing

Here in my little 70s decor living-room ideas are cooking. Parmesan chicken, diet root beer, Bath&Bodyworks cinnamon apple candle sweetly filling the air with lush spicy powder… one girl’s meal. I feel good and grounded. I had to exercise certain kind of firmness this week. The art gallery wanted me to work more than possible within my comfort zone, and in regards of our life expectations as a couple. So my boss and I parted our ways. In mutual respect. Our needs just weren’t compatible. I feel proud of the solid mental strength I was able to adhere to. I pondered, asked entourage’s advice, made my decision and stuck to it. For someone having difficulty with setting limits as in what is and isn’t okay for me, this is a wondrous step.

So now all exciting career doors are open again. I have already contacted the company I used to work for in Paris, and hopefully some English-teaching gigs will soon be hoppedy-hopping my way. That would be a lovely, solid base. I do love inspiring people to find the joy of learning new, and most of all, in doing so increasing their thirst for life. I can do this, I am capable, my life is precious… this is “the sentiment” I long to trigger.

In addition, I am playing with the idea of making a living as an artist. I have to look into the best channels of finding buyers for my work. Realism. Money is needed to feel sweet and safe. The third idea is life coaching. Many of my close ones have waved this idea at me. “Susa, you’d be a great life coach”. So what if now was the time to plunge in? A new country, some new career turns? I will have to consolidate and further study that idea as well. I have a connection with someone in the field. You do know, right, that if you want to get somewhere, find a person who is already there and then try and learn as much as you can from them.

New winds. Big choices. Everything has to be made with care. Dreams as my guide – reason as my safe place. What do you think of all this?

Art by Susa