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Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

At this time of the year I definitely need some color. The foliage inspires me to throw on purples and greens. This army style jumpsuit is a good contrast to girlier accessories and hues. I chew on Pumpkin spice sugar free gum and sip hot beverages. My newest thing? Just drinking plain hot water. I find it nice that I can chug down as much as I desire of it. And the more I drink, the better it is for my metabolism.

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

I have an invitation to a Halloween party. I’m excited to go. I’ll come up with a costume that’s chic and a bit sexy. Maybe a combination of black and pink. Bunny ears and tail? I’m not a big fan of Halloween. But I’ll take a mild, soft core version of it. Plus, any invitation to party is always awesome.

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Staying in the pumpkin colors… I’ve decided to load on veggies that are high in beta-carotene. I’ll be going to Miami in December, and last year when over there, I noticed mild bronzing on my skin – the girl that never tans! Prior to the trip, I had gone crazy eating carrots, and peanut butter with them. It’s due to the latter that I ditched the habit. Nevertheless, there are other veggies besides carrots that can help you get a healthy glow. The foods I’ll be munching on are sweet potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. I’ll try and buy a pumpkin, too. Let’s see what I could make with it.

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Glitzy Halloween Coming Up

Flamingo Gardens


See how gorgeous my dear Florida can be… Sebastien and I went to visit Flamingo Gardens, a rather small but exquisite botanical garden and zoo near Fort Lauderdale. They actually only keep animals that are injured and would otherwise not make it free in nature.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingos always inspire me with their vibrant color and graceful limbs and poses.

Flamingo Gardens

I can never get tired of palm trees. They just magically captivate my attention and admiration. Different sizes and types, all gorgeous the same. I used to hug them, but after I got severely attacked by some insects while demonstrating my love, I ditched the idea.


How sweetly delicate.

Flamingo Gardens

Would you wanna swim with this guy?

Flamingo Gardens

Strike a pose!

Flamingo Gardens

Sebastien loved this rootely-rooted tree.

Flamingo Gardens

Owww… I’m a goner!

Flamingo Gardens

Did you know that Florida has panthers? I didn’t.


Some sparkles never killed a girl. Right Missy?


Carambolas. I never thought they’d grow in a tree.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens

Visiting the gardens was a real moment of zen. Sebastien and I took the time to see, wonder and appreciate. You know, one of those life moments when you just live fully.

Melrose Place

As the fall kicks in full blast, I’m feeling like apple scented candles. I glitter the apartment with the little burning pearls. I equally organized a pot luck at church and my BFF brought in a yummy apple crumble.

I keep making the chic choice as to sartorial adventures. Red spices up the autumn days nicely. I layer up for work. If the job gets heated up, lots of acting out in a class, I can shed of a coating.

Carrefour top, H&M skirt, Globo wedges

Candy Glitter

I just saw LMFAO in concert. The summer music festival is here in Quebec City and downtown is packed with party folks. We live right in the action. The bam and boum can be heard in our living-room. Neons take this summer away. The number of kiddos dressed in such, cheering for LMFAO. You should have seen. We were 75 000 there, I suppose. Dancing the city night away.

I have a new art project. An interesting order. The type of painting I hadn’t done in years. Nevertheless, it seems to be going okay, and giving my days sweet purpose.

Bedo top, Bedo,skirt, Globo wedeges, Devernois handbag

Cupcake Glitter

Lace entices me this spring time. Pulling that white wonder out of the closet, after a winter so long. My legs breathe. Toes giggle. Soul shyly starts to sing. Possibly. Hopefully.

My Quebecker pal keeps baking the sweets away. Nutty tones.

I smile. I try to live life to the fullest. My challenge. Internal tensions. Panic attacks that try to lurk. Feeling tense inside. Pains. For no reason. Uncomfortable sensations in a bus. A crowded place. Spoiling my joy.

Oh, if I could just go back to that girl I used to be. Relaxed. Living here and now. Fearlessly. I keep believing I can.

Lime longings. Refreshing tang.

Sensing you as a cupcake.

Tip-toe tango.

Learning that relaxed attitude.

My life.  Now. What is yours?

Sophistix top, Shania skirt, Tamaris pumps, Helsinki vintage purse

Hot Stuff

What if we all felt so-oo sexy, all of a sudden…

Struck a pose, just because.

Giggled away. A time or two.

My dear Anne and her wondrous cupcakes. Pecan caramel. Melt away, will ya!

A night out at friends’. BBQ and funny home-made films.

I picked up the cutie in the very middle.

Life after anorexia is generous. It eats cupcakes that dear friends lovingly bake. It feels all sizzling and sexy. Weird saying that out loud, yet these are very the words that heal and soothe. The paroles that keep the girl away from relapsing. Guys driving by and honking their horns. Calling you sex-ay. When a bone bag… this ain’t the deal.

Go ladies, show your figures… and most of all, show You!

Dynamite top, Limité skirt, Spring pumps