Cruising the Baltic Sea

This summer I took a cruise from Finland to Sweden with the two favorite boys in my life, my dad and husband. It was a memorable moment. We went onto the deck to admire the Finnish archipelago. The midnight sun was there. The air was warm but brought some much appreciated coolness after the scorching hot, endless summer days. After that we descended down to the restaurant and enjoyed a yummy dinner overlooking the sea.

Taking the cruise was a dream I had had. It was one of my summer vacation goals. I planned it, reserved it and lived every moment of it. This is comparable to many situations in life. First you need to define what you want. This can be amazingly tricky since there are many things that can be worthy of your time, yet you cannot do them all. Focusing carefully is the key. Once your goal is set, you have to find out how to get there. You make a plan. Break it into precise steps. Don’t underestimate the importance of detail. And then you go for it. It may take time and effort but in the end you will be contented.

What is the one goal you want to achieve this fall? What is “your cruise”?

Yay Yellow!

Yay Yellow!

Sweet vacationing. Time to sit in the long chair. Sleep lazily under the soothing sun. Wake up when I feel like it. Have muesli for breakfast, with some blueberry muffin herbal tea. Go out for jogs that I realize last almost an hour. I’ve become quite strong compared to a couple of years back.

Yay Yellow!

I’ve also had some time to read. Nicolas Jacquemot: What Can One Learn from Optimists? A pretty blue book written by a Swede that shows you in clear steps how you can bring more positivism into your life. Best possible scenario versus catastrophe thinking.

I feel anxious – possibility A, I’m going to break under this stress or possibility B, the feeling shall soon pass, I’ll just focus on something outside of myself. Getting into a state of flow where I’m doing something so captivating that time disappears. I just enjoy and do. What are your get-lost-in-it thingies? Keep a list handy. This way you know you’ll not be beaten by the blues.

Yay Yellow!

It is luxury to be able to spend some time pondering. Vacations are made for that. I stepped out of the blog world and all digital fun for a while, to be grounded and calmed down. To bathe in real life. I find that blogging and Facebook add a honeyed touch to life, but life has to be there first. I want to see my friends, now scattered between Finland, France, USA and Canada. Some in Germany, Holland, China, Mexico… too. So yep, a tall order, but one after another I do meet them.

Yay Yellow!

I appreciate friendships where we really share. The right that you have to be just you. This builds your self-strength. You know that to some you are enough simply the way you naturally are. These moments lingered on together carry you a long way ahead. You can pull them up in your minds eye far after the sweet summer get-togethers.

Yay Yellow!

I did go to Paris and it was really wonderful. I’ll tell you more in the times to come. Now I’m still taking in family time in Finland. My return flight Helsinki-Paris-Quebec City shall take place on Saturday. The Sweets is eagerly awaiting for me. Three weeks apart does build up the extra desire. There will be lots of kissing with my Frenchie… a glass of wine and relaxing on the velvety sofa, after a long day of travel. Why not even a walk by the Saint Lawrence River around sunset.

Yay Yellow!

Yay Yellow!

Yay Yellow!

 Hugs from Finland flowing your precious way…

Yay Yellow!

Yay Yellow!

Yay Yellow!

Dear friends, do leave a comment and tell me what you have been up to!!! I miss you all and shall pop in for a visit.

H&M dress, Sirens ballet flats, Quebec City bag



Bubble Chair

I ventured over to the main library in Tampere, Finland, and sat in my bubble. The Scandi design jewel circa 1968 by Eero Aarnio. You hear all dulled in there. A true moment just for toi. A bubble bath in public… oh là là!

Finland’s highest tower The Needle. Up on the top you can dine. Your table will twirl a full round in an hour. I hear that desserts are chic under the Nordic skies.

Now a special treat… here is my sister! Check out her smart print pairing. The trend to strut on even stronger as the fall unveils.  Effortless chic with golden accents.

Some Helsinki vintage whipped cream. The cave-like store, one whitely painted tunnel leading into another little space could have taken hours to depict through. I took it all in as a whole, general experience. Came out inspired to pair up more boldly. Prints like this fall’s galore!

I’ve been loving the cling of bangles lately. Just like my dear sis. They make you feel that little pink lip kiss push more feminine.

Of course my sis styles her hair to the current vibe. Braids. Boho city chic. This is when we lunched with wine, saw art and hit the vintage secrets.

This week I have been trying to beat a cold. I’ve been forced to sleep – even when it’s the afternoon and the sun is still kindly over Quebec City. I suppose that life is about accepting things as they come to us. I was to take it easier this week. Well, so it has been. I’ve still been able to take long walks, no jogging when half-in-shape. Starbucking has equally been my sweet treat schedule. Time there never fails. A cup of coffee and me learning how to love, pause and live in the present.

Purple Glitter Candy

Welcome aboard to Helsinki, Finland. The best destination for some chic coffee shop lingering and modern art indulgences.

I take my time. Sipping the atmosphere. Chatting with loved ones. Time away from one’s real life is always a treat. It gives me perspective.

Fashion is my way of saying gently “this is who I am, partially”. And of course then there’s more under the surface. But that is to be revealed with caution.

Helsinki offers so many visual impulses. Design truly is Scandinavian. It just flows out so naturally up there. No forcing, just letting what is bound to come out.

Open spaces trigger the creative bone. Makes you want to jump in the artsy boat.

We all have talents. 24 hours at a time to use them. Don’t have to see further. Just that time lapse. And giving my best shot. Today this girl is up to painting again… and You?

Bedo tunic top, Etam shorts, Globo wedges, Riviera bag

Photos downtown Helsinki, Finland

Coffee Beans with Love

How sorbet sweet it is to vacation. I’ve had plenty of time to reflect at lakesides, admire morning dew while wrapped up in a soft blanket, sipping coffee… flavored the way I remember it from my young adulthood. Coffee tastes different in every country – France likes theirs smoked, America gently light and some say watered, Finland gulps down a hot beverage that has a slightly bitter afterbite.

Adapting to coffee could be compared to many other areas of life. The ability to stay flexible in mind is what a joyful existence takes. I’ve had some trouble on that front in Canada. Somehow, I just grew tired. Now that I’ve gotten a bit of distance to it all, I sense a desire to try with a renewed punch.

I still have a week to go here in Finland. I plan to ride a bike, breathe in fresh forest air, chat around with my dear ones… in all my doings to stay present to the moment.

Art by Susa

Camaieu top, Limité skirt, Zellers hat, Shania shoes