Kitsch Fashion Show

Quebec City is bathing in trendy waters with the Quebec Fashion Festival taking over the city. I popped in for some vogue inspirations at Versa Restaurant Bar. Boutique Kitsch showcased their spring and summer goodies.

Lots of peppy colors pranced around.

Turquoise was my game. Throw a rose in your hair… and off you go!

Lovely burning peach in the blazer.

Girly chic at its best.

At Versa you can dine in a contemporary atmosphere. Champagne and oysters. Well, my fling is just the first one.

My gal Yasmina came along. We had a chic little time. Chatting and contemplating summer doings.

Beachy stuff on my mind. Maine shore shall it be.

Pop up the cork, girl!

There was equally a model contest. I voted for this chic chick. There is something Kate Winslety about her. She carried herself so uniquely.

So, will you go peachy dressy or minty skinny?


Infinity Fashion Show

Quebec City bathed in peppy fashion this week, when Infinity Fashion Show hit the town. We all know how the sartorial wheel turns, non? Now in the veritable vogue capitals New York, London, Paris and Milan the big creator names are designing what we will be wearing for spring and summer 2014. One year in advance. These concoctions shall be showcased in the above four cities’ fashion weeks in September-October. There store buyers decide what they order and then these clothes are what we see in shows like the Infinity Fashion Show. The real stuff that you and I can go and buy now. So it is tangible, instant and speaks to us directly.

What caught my eye in the trend show started with H&M‘s colorful tops and blazers. Peachy and pinky tones were definitely up and front.

Guess by Narcisco lathered us with reachable luxury. Fringey dresses, sequined detailing, aglow colors – burning yellows were the awesomest.

Prints and tribal inspired themes will be sizzling on the summer street.

Then there was the hippie chic luxe combinations of Ester P. The trendiest store in Quebec City.

Aquarelle flowery pants are this season’s novelty. I see them popping up all over the fash’ fields.

I confess having had too many stripes in my childhood vogue choices, and yet, with sequins I think I’d be ready to plunge again. Stripes rule, as you know. Illico presto.

Mango was present in the show with fruity colors. Their chic is wearable from morning to eve.

Last pearl in my bucket was American Apparel. The Montreal-based company still produces all their offerings in Canada. Isn’t that something? Vogue with heart. To me American Apparel does staples well – body hugging suits, leotards and skimpy party dresses. They are a bit pricey, so I usually go easy on my purchases.

Infinity Fashion Show in Quebec City was an evening of uplifting inspirations. I dressed up all trendy, ventures out, met some like-minded fashionistas and hopped home my heart one hit happier.

This is what fashion can be for you and I. Little pieces of everyday gold. Giving ideas on how to live with enthusiasm. How to communicate out what you feel within.

I’ll be going on a trip to Ottawa tomorrow. I love traveling. You have figured. Since New York for Christmas, I haven’t moved around so it is about time. Checking out the Ottawan vogue scene. Reporting back, I promise. Thinking of you, my dear reader… Fashion kisses!

Lick Off Lingerie

Here’s a peak into a charm cavalcade I attended. Lingerie to linger upon. Treats to treasure. Lovely little thingies to make us feel special, sensual, curvy… irresistible women, unique us that we are.

Candle-light candy. The magic moment when honeyed delicacies are allowed.

Oh, and of course we gals need our own caramel boy. Slowly melting. Sizzling. Simmering.

So, go rummage through your chic-sexy-little-lacey delights and get the woman in you purr!

Fashion Jam

Fash’ folks are carousing in Quebec City. A snowboard competition hit the town, and connected to it, we got to crunch on some spring and summer street wear goodies. I hopped along my chic friend Caroline who leads the American Apparel store in the city. Her invites led us to some fancy, glittery, up-in-your face, bold vogue vibes… along with bombastic music and cool cocktails.

Bedo top, C&A earrings and necklace, vintage bracelets, Etam pants, Aldo wedge boots

It’ll be all about bright colors.

Jamming has started…

Here, take in the sexy inspirations… then go rock your awesome body! Today… don’t wait. You are lovely, today.

Of course I also had to see the guys in action. Chic even outdoors.

Let’s love our bodies radically!

What an exquisite dancer she was. I got subjugated.

Native American influences… this is Canada, hey! I love the somber tones.

Let’s get out there and be proud of what we are!

Veiled… chic, maybe? Haven’t decided. I like to have space to speak out.

Goth and panther. Still roaring.

I want to be that mysterious beauty… floating around town. Leaving my scent behind, intriguing…

This is how fashion inspires me. Caroline and I had the sweetest evening ever. We shared our dreams while sipping drinks, overlooking the Quebec City skyline. The night was ours. Life was there. Now. Here. Be beautiful today. Love yourself today. It is urgent. And so delicious once you get into it. Just like fashion games. Huge hugs.