What’s In – Valentino Red Lace



Trends: Victorian-inspired lace, glittery gowns, refined leather and marked, yet rounded shoulders




valentino winter VALENTINO FALL WINTER 2012/13




Red is such a special hue for me. I love how wearing it pushes me into a bolder girl. This I believe. Red livens us up. It is the perfect buddy when needing a kick of glamour.

Tonight I’ll be going to a cocktail party. The Voice of English-speaking Quebec, an organization I actively participate in, is hosting a get-together in the historical Morrin Center, around the corner from my downtown apartment. The hubs has been busy all evenings this week, too. Today, he’ll have his office party. Mine shall roll along on Saturday.

My mind is slowly evading towards my trip to NYC. I’ll hop on the train first thing Monday morning. A day-long ride across New England and New York State will sweep me right into Penn Station, Big Apple. There a sweet friend shall await. And the City will be ours for days to come!

Leopard Love

Today I’m organizing my art sale. 16 paintings that I’ve concocted during the past year are all spread out across the apartment…



Since I live downtown, hosting the show at my place was the natural thing to do. I’ll throw on something sparkly. And definitely enjoy seeing who shows up. For the past two weeks, I’ve been sowing invitations.

Last night the Sweets said “it feels like living in a gallery”, smilingly. Then he added “and I get to sleep with the artist”. Read it as your modesty allows you.

I’ll let you know how my show went. Had you been closer, would you have come?

H&M cardigan, Riviera vintage shirt, Simons skirt, Gap flats

Peace of Mind

I find it. And then it flees me again. My solidness is in parks. Sweet spirited cafes. Those running-by moments when happiness doesn’t seem an effort, but natural, a given.

Don’t look back. Why am I tempted to, at times? I think of my life in Paris. I wonder if I did the right thing in leaving that wondrous a place. Will I ever go back?

Winter is about to hit us. I feel apprehensive. I long to cling onto anything I know. New things fear me. I should be more trusting of the future. More inclined in bouncily jumping into all things novel.

What kind of challenges are you dealing with at the moment?

Helsinki vintage shirt, H&M skirt, Globo shoes


Byzantine Glam

Baroque and dance floor shimmer are the trends of this season. They don’t have to enchant you exclusively after the sun’s gone down, provided it even got up. Let’s bring byzantine beauty to our everyday.

I cherish the chic-o-meter pumping effect of these tights. Velvet flower brooch with shiny pearls… and off we go, anywhere – work or fun!

fall winter 2012 fashion trends






When it is gloomy outside, I light a scented candle. I wear sturdy, yet chic stuff and head out for a walk along the Saint Lawrence River. The Sweets and I strolled in the chilly winds, then popped in at Starbucks for some spicy cider. Little accents make life what it is. Beautiful in its simplicity. When I want to be centered, I concentrate on things close by in time. I grab a pen and jot down my little lovely moments to come.

Camaieu shirt, Camaieu leather skirt, Zellers tights, Spring pumps