Cruising the Baltic Sea

This summer I took a cruise from Finland to Sweden with the two favorite boys in my life, my dad and husband. It was a memorable moment. We went onto the deck to admire the Finnish archipelago. The midnight sun was there. The air was warm but brought some much appreciated coolness after the scorching hot, endless summer days. After that we descended down to the restaurant and enjoyed a yummy dinner overlooking the sea.

Taking the cruise was a dream I had had. It was one of my summer vacation goals. I planned it, reserved it and lived every moment of it. This is comparable to many situations in life. First you need to define what you want. This can be amazingly tricky since there are many things that can be worthy of your time, yet you cannot do them all. Focusing carefully is the key. Once your goal is set, you have to find out how to get there. You make a plan. Break it into precise steps. Don’t underestimate the importance of detail. And then you go for it. It may take time and effort but in the end you will be contented.

What is the one goal you want to achieve this fall? What is “your cruise”?

Glamour Cruise

This is my US getaway. Fresh East Coast air. Hopping on the Portland, Maine, Mail Boat. Cruising the April crisp archipelago.

Dressing up. Bringing glitter to where it may not first appear to belong. Yet this is my thing. Everyday shimmer.

Zenitude found in nature. The ocean caressing my soul. Pausing and appreciating. Gems are here.

Smiling to life.

Dreaming of a place of my own. Sauna at the waterfront. Steam. Minty odors. Love.

Dancing out the bubbliness inside.

Visiting the world. Not one country better, nor worse.

Remembering my Northern roots. Yet now traveled afar. Oceans apart. Where is my home?

Is my home where my heart is? Where is my heart? Things changing. Life becoming fuller. More space for things that really matter.

Energy pumping up in my veins. I realize what I appreciate the most are forth-going people. All looks and lifestyles. If inspired, then I am enticed and admire.

Pouring my heart out. Looking for the spark of life. Going, running, looking for… chasing. The lucky star. The place of bliss. The moment when everything stops and I just am. Little glimpses of it lurk out. Could I start with that?

I am thinking of starting my own business. Teaching English. The language of my heart. Cooking ideas… more shall follow.

Bedo glitter tunic, Etam pants, Bata over-the-knee boots, Pimkie cropped lace gloves, C&A jewelry