Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

These pants have a double side to them. The front is faux leathered, the back matte. I like to accentuate this outfit with the statement red lip necklace. I almost lost this jewel. I went to teach a client. As I started the class, I realized that my necklace was missing. After the lesson the client and I looked for my pendant. We exited the house without a good outcome. The client was about to back up her car, when she screamed out “your necklace is on the driveway”. It had frozen into the snowy soil. I didn’t try wearing the chilled lips ASAP but boy was I glad I got my mouth back.

Luscious Lips

Here in Canadaland it’s still very much about wintery temps and shades. Spring seems far. One could try the fifty shades of gray, ha ha, but I like mine more black and white, with punchy accents. Thinking about red – this year I loved the red Oscar dresses. Here and here.

Luscious Lips

Do you realize that my earrings are lipsticks? A find I made in NYC’s Soho. My fave area to shop in the City is around Canal Street and Broadway. I work my way up from that corner. Pausing over at Starbucks – boosting brown, liquid gold not be neglected.

Luscious Lips

My sweet New Yorker friend is coming over to stay with us for a few weeks. I’m so excited. It’ll be nice to live side by side for a path of life. Benefitting from each others’ unique, soothing and inspiring company.

Luscious Lips

Take in this blast of empowering sequin magic. Right Missy? My bling loving Florida chick. Lil’ sis I call her.

Luscious Lips

I like the boot action in this outfit. I found these puppies at DSW Union Square. I had set my mind on something triangularly pointy in the heel. Gives them a modern touch, I find.

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips


Black and White – Chilly Chic

This spring is definitely about black and white – à la Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors. I concocted my version of the trend for a brunch out with the Sweets. Lush fruits, moist cheese, fluffy whole wheat bread, muffins to make the deal sweeter… and Starbucks coffee. All in a scenic tower restaurant that turns around in an hour.

These delicious tarts – and other yummies that follow – are from the potluck I organized at my church. I’m turning into quite a social buzzer. Who would have thought since the kitchen and I mostly like our distances. I wish I had a passion for cooking. But something else always ends up grabbing my attention. Blogging, jogs, Starbucking and movies.

I saw a film Stoker with my gal Yasmina. It was a mysterious experience. Stylishly frigid- chilly chic really is the word – as in atmosphere. Nicole Kidman as glamorous as ever. Her pale skin always ends up me identifying to her. How wonderful it is to see her embracing that feature. To see it as unique and not something to change or hide. As I did my long younger years.

I am hugging life at this moment. Really thinking about mindfulness.

At church I’ll also be organizing an event I’ve named Soul Cafe. It will be a forum to talk about inspiration. How to find our uniqueness. What is inspiration and how to get to it?

To me inspiration is that boosting event or experience that pushes you into doing things that flow from within. It is that desire to go forth and create. The conviction that what I do matters and is of utmost importance.

How does inspiration come about? Mine stems from beautiful, or my eye-pleasing surroundings, kind and encouraging exchanges and comments from others concerning my art, writing or other endeavors. I am also inspired by creative and sunny people – the ones that have that positivity and generosity radiating around them.

Look, the hubs is bathing in the pale spring sun…

Kind words can do so much. As a teacher I don’t always realize how important every me-made comment is. I can hoist up, or crash down.

My Sweets got me this chic croco skin phone cover. Along with a Starbucks coffee mug. Everyday glamour it is when using those gold bits.

My business has been a bit down so I have run across the city placing ads. I got one new contact already. Hopefully many more will follow.

I’m about making everyday sweeter with unique fashion, creative art and encouraging teaching. I travel this world to see all of its beauty – one gorgeous person at a time.

Camaieu dress, Etam cardigan, Arden hair barrettes

Black and White Urban

This is my urban fashion scene.

The way I experience the City.

The enticing vibes that titillate and scare, all the same.

I run to the City, so that I can run out.

My life folds out in pictures. Shades that speak and change.

Pink accompanying me, forever. My color. I show it. Show my color. I’m not afraid.

Now go out and visit your City. In the dusk. Maybe dawn. But be sure to pause.

Urb’ Chic Yoga

Finding my center in the urban buzz.

Contrasting the seemingly black and white has always been my thing.

The boat on the right homes a spa – urban meditation at its yu-OM-miest?

Ballet keeps accompanying me in my quest for serenity.

Life has been quite good lately. But then, a blue moment sticks in. Again.

If only I could be totally free from lurking sadness.

Montreal stirred me. A combination of London clothes’ cockiness, NY eateries and cafe vibes, topped off with some Parisian bygone flair.

My little company is getting more and more on its feet. Tangible tiny steps.

This is life. Lately.

Camaieu top, La Halle pants, Old Navy belts, Gap ballet flats, H&M earrings


Champagne Chic

Traveling across America dandily like this. The idea surely gets my heart swaying.

The locomotive pearl was found in Portland, Maine. As we strolled along the ocean side.

Pleated skirts are definitely the trend of the season. I adore the classy twist they immediate cast upon any outfit.

I added more champagne chic to the deal with a hefty, golden buckled belt – another big tendency.

Today I am working on being grateful for little things. Also, on embellishing every a passing moment. Yesterday the Sweets and I took a long walk in Central Park, sat on a bench, my head on his lap, then ventured over to my second living room, Starbucks on Grande Allee.

Coffee and treats. Discussing finding passion and inspiration again. Somehow along with anorexia… went out my ability to feel joy. I am now recovered and healthy. But my mind is lagging behind. Hard to write this out. But I have always believed in honesty. No make belief, just true life.

I can feel joy. But it doesn’t last. It runs away. Then comes emptiness.

Nonetheless, I will not give up. I will advance, my head up. Keep smiling. Chasing tear away, I hope.

Hugs, loves!

Limité dress, Manoukian booties

Photos from Portland, Maine