Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

My bestie Elodie and I took a day trip to Montreal. One Sunday as we met at Starbucks, I was a bit under the weather and Elodie came up with the idea. She picked me up in the morning and we rode and babbled the three hours that it takes from Quebec City to hit the Southern metropolis.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

We did see a fashion and craft exhibition but the best offerings were found at the conference center which happened to host a fashion and handmade products fair. The above are soaps – the smells were delish!

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

A kiss… A smack… the French way! It is Montreal after all. I get a kick out of geometrical things like these. My Scandinavian side maybe. Pure lines entice me.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Chocolate therapy… or is it the shoe one? Shopaholic or chocaholic – choose your camp, or not.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

A girls’ day is always such a booster. Seeing pretty things and having the time just to be together. We grabbed a leisurely lunch and took the time to linger on in the city.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Capturing the moment – you, (sex?) and the City. I love the concept. I’m a sucker for pics, anyway. You know that by now.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

We also bumped into a fashion show. A sure treat for this fashionista. The clothes weren’t that “state of the art” but I appreciate any fashion happening flowing my way.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Elodie all smiles as usual! I love her bubbly energy. Cozy and chic in her earmuffs. Remember – we got them together.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

My another guilty pleasure – fur. Faux by preference, may that be mentioned. Should I come across any softy hairy stuff, I just have to fidget.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Here. Now. Happy. That’s already a big victory.

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

Girrrlz Indulge in Montreal

A smack to you my dear reader! What are things that make your life sweeter?

Cupcake Summer Ain’t Over!

Time back home in Canada has been filled with emotions. It was harder leaving my family in Finland than back in my Paris days. Still getting used to my new place of home, I’d say. The best blues remedy… re-finding my local sweet treats. Doing things that please me, from experience. I hit the Quebec Museum of Fine Arts to see their exhibition on Women Surrealists. I have hung out at Starbucks. Continued my specialty work painting assignment.

I have also been busy launching my English teaching business Susa English. Here is the under construction websitey. First advertisement shall appear on Saturday’s paper. A friend from NY is visiting this weekend. Lovely, cupcakey things await – 24 hours at a time!

Shania playsuit, Gap flats

Purple Rain… Glitter Soaked

I need to make life work there where I am. I have to stop longing for somewhere else. Not regretting the past, nor anticipating the future. How could I go about it? What is your secret, Sweets?

I want to learn to feel more feelings in relation to others, and less inside my body states of mind mental hail. Do I feel fat… have – yeah right – a big tummy…. no, I don’t want that!

I long to live an interesting life, letting my true self out. The me who cares about you. About every precious a person. I want to listen to you. Get lost in inspiration that you provoke. Since you have a priceless story, and beauty.

I want to be a woman of energy. With enthusiasm for now. Illico presto. Maintenant. Not tomorrow but now. I want to get soaked in thrilling thirst for life. With little sweet things lining up. See, they come. A cup of chocolatey chai tea… then a thrifted bracelet, a sweet encounter with a student… an inspiring city skyline… A Starbucks moment with me and Elle.

Living in a new land. A new wide opening. I timidly try to love you, my Canada. Dear new land. Sweetly stocking the old lands a bit further away, but still there. Maybe later again. Zigzagging over the Atlantic. Now landed American-side. Amour… the real. Life, the full.

Flash Geo jacket, Pimkie jeans, Aldo boots

Orange Twist Tango

I need some citrus in my life. A feisty fashion kick in the bum. I want to live here and now. Not anticipating the things to come.

Just being present.

Discovering what today is about.

What I am about.

Learning to trust myself and body more.

Taking responsibility for my decisions and actions. Finding grace in all that has been done.

Fashion is there to help me do the tango. Boosting me along the way.

As I struggle to be happy in today. Longing afar. Missing this… and that.

I try to concentrate on what is small and here. Just at the end of my reach.

Living in style – mine- today. Orange nails ready to attack. But in a sweet way. Sure way. Gentle way. Learning a crumble more about life, each passing day. Care to join my movement here and now, battling the blues or singing a happy song, one second at a time?

Riviera vintage bolero, Etam top, La Halle pants, Aldo boots

Skinny Fat Fashion

I want to write about how fashion makes me feel. Uber skinny models have me ask why? Still and again? My restrictive eating wasn’t caused uniquely by fash’ mag flipping, but partially yay. I couldn’t help but compare this girl to those glamorously portrayed in big glitter city scenes. If making me feel like crap wasn’t the purpose, then what was? Do these women stay at that weight just by genes? With no effort. And if there is a conscious push, is that then healthy to artificially maintain a lower than genetic body fat figure?

I am confused. I want to keep on reading about how to have fun with trends, boost that bluesy day, but don’t want to temp myself back into the collar bone comparison game. I equally long to enjoy fashion, but not consume more than my ecologic soul or economic, realistic life can afford. Is fashion blogging all about buying?

My life needs daily glamour. I wish to sparkle my being with little surprising vogue details. They don’t have to be pricey, yet can feel so exquisitely luxurious. I want to feel energetic and lovely in my body. I am determined to love myself in the shape that my body needs to be. This thought is scary at the same time, knowing that for the past seven years I have artificially controlled every entering calorie and thus maintained the fake form. Now that I am letting my body have a say, things feel unknown and impressive. Yet deep down, I know that since a long time, I am finally doing myself some real good. Painful youth binging is gone, so is the adulthood calorie hunt. Now Susa can just live. My body is still adjusting, as if it almost wouldn’t believe all this freedom to be true.

Having gone through the hell of two types of eating disorders, I now want to talk about this shameful secret that so many women experience. You don’t have to go to extremes, be hospitalized or loose your friends due to binge-caused let downs. You can be miserable at any level of screwed up eating behavior. And the more you sink into eating disorders, the worse it is for your mind and body. Get out as soon as you can.

So these days I am trying to let my body heal. I am giving it the proper, good, uncomplicated food. Along with the rest that it at the moment cherishes. I am trying to look at myself in the mirror with gentleness. Welcoming back the shape my unique life needs. I am looking at fashion from a self-protective point of view, trying not to hurt this girl with images that would convince me in wanting to be anyone else but me. I am beating the eating disorder left emptiness and anxiety with fashion frenzies that I create. Throwing together feathers, sequins, glitter and fur. Saying to Susa, “you are beautiful just the way you are. You lived in Paris but weren’t truly happy. You let the world impress you. Now you are finally living a fully fueled life. What a noble act.” Please join me in taking fashion for ourselves – lovely, healthy eating, energetic glam girls and guys!