Girly Stuff

My friend Sarah and I had a girls’ afternoon out. To kick off the shopping spree, we headed to my fav’ lunch place ‘Paul’. We both had country-style chicken salads, and I accompanied mine with a glass of fresh rosé wine. After having sipped my decaf espresso, Sarah took me to her latest finding, a store where they sell jewelry by weight.


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Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet

Last night we stayed at home, just the two of us. And it was magic. Hadn’t happened for a while that we’d just spend a calm homey night. Having a cocktail, chatting, watching a DVD, listening to music… the perfect compound in charging your batteries after you’ve been working like a little doggie.

We’re fans of ‘Sex and the City’. Carrie Bradshaw’s adventures tell so much about life as a thirty-something in the post-modern NYC. Everything is so volatile, and yet these eternal singles don’t want to stay such. In all it’s tragic-comedy, these steel ladies walk on the bright side of life. They give us hope – and make us laugh.


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Bada Boum

Nathalie and Fred came over at our place for a drink, and then we headed to a rock festival “Le Tour Prend d’Air”. The high point of the evening was a group called “les Tambours du Bronx”. These sturdy men bang metal barrels with wooden sticks – and it’s absolutely amazing. At the same time, you awe their skillfulness as well as get carried away with the everlasting sound of the rhythm. You can just imagine the pleasure they take in playing together.

sujase00021.JPGÂ Â Â Â Â Â tambour_du_bronx.jpg

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