Rubik’s Cube

Today I went to check out fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s exhibition on his work. He gets a lot of influences from Pop Art, English pop music and modern-time icons from cartoon figures to soda brands. JC/DC’s world is very colorful and multi-faceted – like the Rubik’s Cube. In the first exhibition hall the visitor is confronted with two huge cubes, and mirrors that are omnipresent. All this with a sharp disco lighting.


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We Wii

Oui oui, it’s true, we wii – and you? So you guessed, after the due time of psychological preparation Sebu bought the game console. Wiis are the newest hype in Paris. These desperately sought game wonder-boxes come into stores, and disappear before you get to inhale again. A few virtual tennis games yesterday, not bad. I like the fact that you can get moving. It’s actually quite amazing that even if you’re someone like me, whose cup of tea truly doesn’t contain any game-like flavors, you get the taste of the thingy quite fast. You just gotta beat that record, do a bit better! Just one more.


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Babble Bloom

Sarah and Daniel organized their house-warming party. Manzana, smart apple liquor drinks and cocktail bites. I talked about life in Peru and politics. In today’s France it is difficult to identity yourself in a politician. Either the ideology goes, but competence clashes, or the opposite. Usually your color shows through. I believe in choosing people like you to represent you.


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To Wii or not to Wii!

We had a long weekend full of friend-time. On Saturday we saw JB, on Sunday we spent the day at Nathalie’s and Fred’s house – the barbecue ribs were delicious – and on Monday it was Virgile’s turn to celebrate his newly obtained thirty years. We toasted with Champagne, the third time in a row for me at his house. Not bad!


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Our visit to the Alps was truly refreshing. Actually I was more impressed by the scenery that I had expected. Sebu’s big bro Stephane and family live in a small village, in a valley from where you can see the Mont Blanc. We had a picmic up on the hills, visited a trendy ski resort Megeve and had some god ‘ol mountain food called tartiflette – a cheece, potato, bacon and onion casserole. Sturdy stuff for sure.


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