So British

My district’s, the gorgeous Old Quebec City, Business Owners Association SDC Vieux Quebec organized an evening of all things British. This comes to show that the English language and culture is well alive in this Francophone city.

  • There was an introduction lesson to swing dancing, David’s Tea and delicious Queen Elizabeth cake from Quebec City’s best French bakery Paillard. I often takes students to Paillard for a fun lesson around a cup of steaming coffee.

Quehec City’s heart, the Old City is well alive and a fun playground both for tourists and locals alike. When you take lessons with me, we tour the intriguing streets and learn hands on. Whether it’s with me or not, come check out the summery glow. Dress up and be “so British”!

Sparkle Time

Today I want to talk about finding your sparkle thru learning. I make my living with teaching English. Yet I really think that I do so much more than just teach the grammar and vocabulary of the language of Shakespeare. As we continue to meet with my clients, week after week, we end up creating a link. We share our thoughts and opinions. We open up questions that need answers and we find the lost or hiding sparkle.

When you decide to learn something new, you decide to open your mind and heart to new ideas and opportunities. You take a brave step into something unknown. Sometimes the stakes aren’t that high. If you don’t like it, you can move onto other adventures. Other times you invest a lot of time, energy and money, and you definitely want your investment’s worth. I see clients who start to open up as you encounters progress. They grow more confident in their English, express themselves better and suggest ways for us to progress together. Amazingly, changes can also be seen in other areas of my clients’ life. Self-confidence comes from repeated experiences of being succesful. Sparkle invites more sparkle.

If you succeed in learning English, why couldn’t you take on other challenging things as well?

Hugs, Kisses and Ballet Misses

This week has been so intense. My business is running so smoothly that I had work up to the point of going thru a couple of days of not having time for anythng else than work. Literally, I didn’t even get out of the house. But I made it, and everyone seemed happy with my services. That’s entepreneur life right there, you’ve got to show up when you’re called. Slower times shall follow. They always do.

Today we had friends over for lunch, after which us girls headed out to the Grand Theater of Quebec City to see Cinderella. The National Ballet of Ukraine was in town. The show was magical. We had seats in the box. First time for me. I loved the ambiance. Following the ballet, we went to Starbucks. Our rosebud tea and Americano were just what we needed to top off the awesome day.

Pink Sneakers Dancing

Spring is slowly venturing in. To be honest, April is my least favorite month in Canada. But if I can be happy then, I can be happy at any time. I ditched all winter gear and pulled out this bag that I got from a client. She totally hit my style spot.

The honey and I had a nice day going to the local fashion sale. Then we checked out the indoor market place since they had an event going on as well. The outing ended with coffee and cool buddy time in the afternoon pink light. Now we’re getting ready for a movie and sushi. 🍣

Houston Hop

I want to keep it real, always, so I’ll be straight off honest with y’all: Houston was the least fave part of our Texas trip. Our Texan friends had warned us. They were asking us why we’d want to venture out to downtown Houston. There was a park that was nice – Discovery Green. That’s where we shot these pics. Outside of that things got a lot tougher. There were quite a lot of single men walking around looking a little not on the friendly side. I can’t say if they really were or not but I sure was happy to be with my hubs. We toured the downtown area and saw the sign and some other interesting, yet a little run down places, then drove to midtown where the ambiance relaxed a lot.

If you’re wanting to give Houston a try, I say go for it – always see for yourself. Reasons why a place feels tense aren’t also always due to people there wanting it to be that way. Life is about being open-minded but then also doing what feels good, especially on vacay.

This week has been very busy for me workwise. My business is blooming. I’m jumping in whole-heartedly, I’m also making sure to get in plenty of running, ballet and yoga.

San Antonio Colors and Riverfront

San Antonio isn’t very big but full of colors and relaxed charm. We felt very safe walking even late at night. The Riverfront is gorgeous transporting you over to Italy. There are two art museums that we adored – the SA Museum of Arts as well as Briscoe Western Art. The Mexican Market was a disappointment. I wouldn’t waste my time going there.

Life is going pretty well for me at the moment. Susa English is doing well. I’m enjoying the entrepreneur life. I have plenty of ideas as where to develop next. Energies are high and light is increasing. I’m staying in the moment and breathing in the happy air.