Susu Paris Chic

Soft and Dear, Passion Sing

Precious You

Tango Time

Heart Open

Flame Inside

Peace Behold

Paris Lace

New York Drops

Head Over Heels

Earth Ode

Urban Bliss

Dear Dali

She Is Her

Did I Say Indulge

Dazzle Dance

Black Swan

Power Within

Been Thinking

Lacely Yours

Wouldn’t You Waltz?

Pulling and Pushing

Tender Soul

Your Curves Cuddle Me

Okra Allure

Soul Fire

Run Far

Groovy Curvy



Power in My Veins


Dance – Invite


Is My Soul Bleeding – No More

Moulin Nights

Cabaret Calls

Just Wondering


I Say Power

I Say Passion

I Say Freedom

Lips Sealed

Come Sway With Me

Sweet Soul Grow

Paris Is It- My Heart?

Forever Yours


Just Chillin’

Dear reader,

A sweet vanilla thank you for visiting my gallery. If ever a piece sang a tempting song into your ear, do not hesitate to contact me. Maybe a new home could be a lovesome possibility?

19 thoughts on “Art”

  1. Dear You,
    it feels like walking through an art exhibit strolling here on your art page. I just love it. I feel like I have a million questions… mostly “how do you do that?!” make such wonderful art. I have so many that I like, my favorite is the one with the slender yellow dress & yellow hat. What a fantastic colour of yellow. There is a saying that says… ‘you tell on yourself.’ with some of your drawings you tell on yourself, you tell the things you love… fashion, wine, beauty:) I look forward to visiting here again…

    How interesting that you fancy the yellow dressed girl. There is so much energy running through that piece. Almost non-channeled for me.

  2. …just having a stroll again in ‘le galerie de Susu’. lovely! :))

    Come back as often as you wish. Champagne is on the house.

  3. Susa,
    I am really enjoying your art page. Keep up the good work and may you be inspired always. Let your light shine girl!
    Love ya,

    How precious to have you over. My inspiration flows and I am trying to follow. Sweet jumps and funky pirouettes. Seeing life from my perspective. Brushing in on color. Being kind and grateful for every single lovely a girl, like you.

  4. I agree with Audrey; it feels like taking a break and walking through a gallery. My favorite is the girl relaxing on her bed; she looks to be so happy (even with her facing away!) I love ‘room settings’;)

    Red Lipstick Style,
    Sweet miss come on in… often. That girl has what I long to cultivate in my life, relaxed glamour. The art of letting go in my high heels, putting them on the coffee table, sipping bubbly and just being there – present in the magnificent moment. When are you heading over for some sparkly?

  5. I love your art collection, girl. You inspire me. I too have the love and the skill for sketching and painting but I had not topped it. I guess I must start paying attention to it. Loving your work. 🙂

    If I inspire, my day has had its meaning. So do you. Your kindness cleanses deep within. Take up your talent. You will see. The world will suddenly unfold as an endless possibility to draw and paint your path away. What is today’s tone?

  6. Susa, your work here is stunning. The colours you employ are so vivid and rich. I especially love the orange/peach lace corset. Such warmth and so inviting. Gorgeous.


    Dear insightful you… How interesting that your heart stopped at the corset. The Parisian in you singing a sweet Gainsbourg song. The art piece is for me something luscious and alluring, almost too daring to be shared. And yet, I love the titillation coming from it all.

  7. Interestingly, there’s something very French about your artwork. =) This work here is unequivocally stunning, and so expressive. There’s something oddly traditional AND equally contemporary; a tenuous exploration of both simultaneously. Some of the images are actually quite dark if you think about it, and haunting!! Beautiful work here.

    I thankfully savored every single word of yours. Over and once again. So up to the heel point – I realize that I am both traditional and equally looking for shaking my little self up with modernizing. But never harming. The things I do not let myself say out loud, come screaming… haunting it very well can be. Once again, so impressed by your exquisite art critique!

  8. each time i visit i have a new experience… the beauty you share is inspiring… art, fashion, kind words… and sweet things like macaroons and cupcakes!!

    This time I hand you a lemon macaron with some Mumm. Go on, have a stroll. You are in the inspiration.

  9. Very nice pic´s Susu! Love to read your blog too ! Y really inspire, just loved the pic´s!

    Thank you popping in and appreciating. Gentle words always leave the sweetest of aftertastes.

  10. Susu, I love your photos and your work is……indescribable


    Every piece of wording did me so utterly good. Ladies boosting each other. That is what blogging is about. I share mine, you sweeten with yours. Hugs dear new friend.

  11. Your are is beautiful!!! I lovve the nude paintings…I’d hang them in my place =)

    You are someone so precious. You are bold and kind. Your writing gives that needed punch when the tunes get bluer. Which one would you enjoy? Maybe it could find its way over.

  12. I love your art Susu! You are amazing and I think you have great own style.

    Thank you dearest. You’ve always been such a precious friend to me – thus your words and feedback feel even sweeter.

  13. Dear Susu ! Thank´s for the “invitation”…just looove your art !!!! Keep it up !!!! Kisses & hugs from Porto !

  14. YES You are very very Paris :)) and an impressive artist actually.

    An uber chic Italian chick knows her fashion and style. Thank you for your encouragement!

  15. Amazing! You have done so many beautiful pieces! I hope you do have a gallery showing.

    Red Lipstick Style,
    How wonderful to see you here, in my cyber gallery. I keep believing in that dream… of a gallery showing, later or sooner. Will you make it, Sweets?

  16. Hey Susa,

    Absolutely amazing! This art page really took me back to the art exhibitions I saw in France several years ago, but also through time: it reminded me of many painters from the 19th & early 20th century, but it also reminded me of the writers & poets of the same epoch, such as Verlaine, Rimbaud, Baudelaire…back in 19th century Paris 🙂 Very talented mix of colours, shapes, themes, and emotions! Impressive actually!!
    Keep on drawing & painting!!

  17. Hei Susa,
    Kiitos taidenayttelysta. Energiaa persoonallisella varipaletillasi ilmaistuna! Katson viela tarkemmin lapi kaikki paremmalla ajalla!
    Lykkya tyko! Nahdaan facebuukilla!

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