Happy Chic is about  inviting happiness into your life thru fashion and positive thinking. I started my blog in 2007 when I was living in Paris and got interested in fashion and arts. Thru my posts I want to showcase outfits that make you feel powerful. Thru my Instagram posts I also share some of my eats and coffee times. I’m looking for balance in my diet after years of feeling like I’m never skinny enough. I eat mostly plant-based and clean but I do allow myself occasional treats as well. My current food motto is “having enough energy to shine “. That wasn’t the case during my anorexic years 2009-2011 recorded even on this blog.

I’m hoping to connect with you on the other side of that screen. That was why I started blogging ten years ago, and that is still the reason – to be able to share things we love and to learn from each other’s experiences. So, do brighten my day by leaving a little note. I’ll be sure to answer.

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My name is Susa – a fashionista, artist and world-traveler. I live in French America Quebec City, Canada. My daytime job is running my company called Susa English where I teach English.

My life is made of work, sports – daily jogging and stepper – blogging, Starbucks  I love my pleasurable coffee moments – and traveling. After the workday, I do an hour of sports to get in some me time. I spend my evenings relaxing on the couch, cuddled up in my pink fluffy robe – reading blogs, watching Instagram videos and watching TV. I believe in the sweet balance of working hard-relaxation

I was born in Finland. I went to school in the USA. I got my first work experience in Paris and now I’m a business owner in Canada. I have lived an international life for which I’m very thankful. In my heart I am an American.

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