Yoga and Teaching

I’ve been thinking recently about the parallels between yoga and learning English. Both actions need patience and willpower. Both teach you things you never thought you’d be learning. Yoga seems to be a disciple hoisting you closer to a lean and stretchy body, yet you soon find yourself digging deeper into self love and acceptance. Studying English appears to turn around memorizing grammar and words, and nevertheless you’ll also be discovering your strength in unexpected situations.

When I first tried yoga more than ten years ago, I wasn’t a big fan. It took time to find the type of yoga that appeals to me.  I like power yoga because I like to challenge my body and mind. Learning English is the same – it may take a moment or two to find what makes you tick. Inspiring coaches are life’s salt. I definitely strive to be one for my students – on the yoga mat and in the classroom. Namaste!

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