Hugs, Kisses and Ballet Misses

This week has been so intense. My business is running so smoothly that I had work up to the point of going thru a couple of days of not having time for anythng else than work. Literally, I didn’t even get out of the house. But I made it, and everyone seemed happy with my services. That’s entepreneur life right there, you’ve got to show up when you’re called. Slower times shall follow. They always do.

Today we had friends over for lunch, after which us girls headed out to the Grand Theater of Quebec City to see Cinderella. The National Ballet of Ukraine was in town. The show was magical. We had seats in the box. First time for me. I loved the ambiance. Following the ballet, we went to Starbucks. Our rosebud tea and Americano were just what we needed to top off the awesome day.

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