The Alamo – Peaceful Warrior

This is the Alamo. The number one battle of Texas. That’s how the Lone Star State got liberated from Mexico. Visiting the Alamo in San Antonio is a must experience. The Mission gardens are peaceful and majestic. You can find inner calmness and center there.

I love breaking into a yoga pose when the desire hits. My pink sneakers are perfect companions when out and about for extended times. We fueled ourselves with tacos and later on Starbucks. San Antonio treated us to some quality time together, regardless of that day’s somewhat gloomy weather.

Traveling boosts my life for many weeks and months to come. As I explore new places, I gather precious information about myself as well. I learn how to find my peaceful warrior wherever I go. I have kept my travel memories preciously stored and ready to be used, when need be. They are my toolbox to a balanced daily life.

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  1. Okay Friend, since I teach Texas History, I have to clear up that we lost at the Alamo. Mexican General Santa Anna won. Santa Anna continued to march east after the Alamo. He ended up near Houston, at San Jacinto. Texas’ Sam Houston engaged Santa Anna at San Jacinto and won Texas’ independence. Texas became a nation, only for several years, before being annexed into the United States of America.

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