Soon Off

Soon Off

Thank you each and everyone who commented my last post! Your words and opinions mean a lot to me. That’s the idea of blogging anyway. Interactivity and putting yourself  out there, vulnerable a bit, too, at times. Living and learning to love this life even more, with better internal coping mechanisms.

Soon Off

I’m off on vacation at the end of this week. Upon waking up on Sunday, the Sweets and I are heading to Portland, Maine. We’re going on an East Coast road trip. Three weeks of camping. The first one for me. I’m taking it with an open mind. Hopefully I’ll enjoy being free and outdoors. After Portland we’ll follow the coast to Boston, then Cape Cod. We haven’t made any reservations at campgrounds. The whole journey will very much be about playing it by ear. Spending time just the two of us. I’ll go jogging, rollerblading, gaze at the ocean – have time to think. I’m ready to head to the US and to be free from all daily obligations…

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  1. Have fun on the East Coast, you’re going to love it! Also, your color combo of your shirt and shorts is so cute 🙂

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