Fat Talk

Fat Talk

The purpose of my blog is to write about things that make life happier – more chic, too. Fashion is of course one the tops. Feeling good in my body is very important. I travel a lot. Visit different places and cities. Yet I struggle with anxiety. That’s something I write about as well. I need to be ‘whole’ about what I’m experiencing. That’s the only way I’ve found to live in harmony with myself. Talking all things out so that they don’t have to do so in harmful ways like anorexia, depression or panic attacks. Been there, done that.

If I feel yuckily fat and bloated in my body – for a reason or just imagined – it’s hard to have a grand day. The same goes for anxiety. When I put words to those sentiments, I can get support from others – those bad vibes always want to convince you that you are the only person on this earth going thru these emotions – and usually “life gets in the way” in a good sense. I find a manner to go on regardless of imperfection.

Fat Talk

I try to do my best in feeling great. I saw this list of foods that burn fat – or I’d prefer to put it more modestly, keep you on a good track. I was happy to realize I already eat a lot of them. The ones I will name are: oatmeal, apples, tomatoes, garlic and dark chocolate.

My diet has drifted more and more towards veggies, fruits and grains. My mornings start off with almond raisin muesli, followed by 2 whole wheat toasts one topped with a cheese slice, another with a ham slice, then cucumber and tomato slices. Sometimes I may have an additional peanut butter and jam toast. I usually eat more when I work. On days off sometimes a cup of muesli will suffice.

Lunch will be a salad with iceberg, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, aged cheddar cheese cubes, light Italian salad dressing and my at the moment’s craze: cashew nuts. It’s been going on a while already that I crave nuts. I wonder if the fact that I spent years forbidding them from myself has something to do with it. Or maybe my body just likes its proteins and healthy fats that way. For dessert I may have a cup of muesli. Or an apple.

In the evening I eat if I’m hungry. Sometimes yes, at times not that much. My appetite is the biggest in the morning and then declines. I’ve totally adjusted to that. My evenings are usually made of veggies, hummus, apples and why not more cashews and even cheese.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way for me to eat in the quest for a thin and energized body. I went down to such a low weight 2009-2010 that I wasn’t truly functional anymore. But part of me liked the extreme skinniness and so I’m still trying to accept my body the way it apparently has to look in order to be able to live. I believe to be in my set weight now. I would have wanted it to be lower, but I’m trying to make myself understand – in a happy way – that some things just have to be the way they are.

4 thoughts on “Fat Talk”

  1. Oh dear, you’re perfect the way you are ! but I understand you have a problem with your weight, and I feel sorry because I love how you are, full of positive energy (and great legs haha 😉 ).
    I sympathize with you because I also have since I’m a child food problem, but in the opposite way: I gain veryyy fast weight when I stressed. Last month, between my exams and my part time job (sales time is the worst), I gained a few pounds and I felt so ashamed of me. But at the same time I know I can’t really fight it, so I’m more patient now to lose weight and don’t make stupid diets… I try just to eat healthy ingredients. And I try to accept myself as I am, because the more I feel ugly and fat, the more I eat, and the more I feel disguting… So I try to be happy the way I am and that’s how I’ll be in peace with my body !
    Keep up smiling my dear, and love yourself you are great 🙂

  2. You truly are perfect just as you are, right now! I think it’s awesome that you are realizing that your body wants to be one way and your mind may want your body to be another way. It’s good to know that the two are conflicting so that you can think things through and work on accepting yourself just as you are <333. I love these honest posts!

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