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Glamour and Artsy

I’ve made some changes happen in my working life. They’ll take action next season in August. I’ve been teaching three days, three hours at a time at a daycare center. That’ll cease now. I have enough clients to only be teaching adults. At my place. Stop being the kiddo police. This decision has freed something in me. The daycare was fun for a season but now I’m not feeling the extreme joy anymore. So new opening was due. I’m glad I had the courage to follow my heart. Luckily my loving Sweets also understood and backed me up.

Glamour and Artsy

I never ever though of myself as a business person but to my great amazement along the two years that I have been operating my company Susa English I’ve grown into quite an efficient business girl. I’ve been able to grow steadily and my clients are staying. I’m the first one to be surprised by this. I’m trying to do my best in providing English lessons that leave the student excited and feeling special. I guess it’s working.

Glamour and Artsy

In all areas of my life, I try to live generously and doing my absolute maximum. Sometimes my mood swing challenges get in the way, but the goal is always to give my all. Be it eating healthily, keeping my home pretty or making a person feel unique, I feel like I have to go full speed. That’s how I am – passionate and sensitive.

Glamour and Artsy

This weekend we will be throwing a house warming party. It’ll be nice to have all our Canadian friends around us. The Sweets wants to watch soccer during the party. Let’s see what we the girls will come up with…

Glamour and Artsy Glamour and Artsy
Glamour and Artsy
Glamour and Artsy
Glamour and Artsy
Glamour and Artsy Glamour and Artsy Glamour and Artsy


  1. Matoushi

    I’m so glad to read such good news ^^ it’s so great your business is working, you are amazing <3 have a nice weekend with your friend !
    Love from Paris <3

  2. Cee

    Congratulations on being able to move to running your business full time – that’s an amazing accomplishment! I love your skirt in these photos, so pretty 🙂

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