Melrose Place

As the fall kicks in full blast, I’m feeling like apple scented candles. I glitter the apartment with the little burning pearls. I equally organized a pot luck at church and my BFF brought in a yummy apple crumble.

I keep making the chic choice as to sartorial adventures. Red spices up the autumn days nicely. I layer up for work. If the job gets heated up, lots of acting out in a class, I can shed of a coating.

Carrefour top, H&M skirt, Globo wedges

9 thoughts on “Melrose Place”

  1. I’m also here trying to figure out how to make our apartment look cozier, warmer and ready for the long, dark winter. Tons of candles, incense, fluffy rugs, throw pillows and blankets. It’s raining cats and dogs and so dark here right now. But I’m going to push myself up from this couch and hit hot yoga class in few hours.

    P.S You look fabulous! Have a great weekend!

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