Stylish in Bordeaux

Wine and new exciting encounters…

Meet Thierry! The kindest wine producer I met at the Bordeaux Wine Festival here in Quebec City. What a lovely encounter. I savored Thierry’s vanilla smooth Chateau de Gravieres Cru des Graves 2009… mmm, so yummy! A perfect sensual a beverage to all chic girls’ night in. Get your orders in here. Say “hi” to Thierry from me… I’m sure you’ll get exquisite service with the French touch, avec plenty of oh la la!

Fall colors turn towards burgundy. That deep red, berried blast. I’m still hesitating. The hue takes me back to high school, velvety vests or something scary… Turquoise in the fall entices me more. For now.  But if I start off this mode… at the end I most likely love.

Wine and fun. Hugs to the busily wine harvesting Thierry! Wish we could all take a hop over to Bordeaux.

Dynamite shirt and skirt, Gap flats

9 thoughts on “Stylish in Bordeaux”

  1. You need to wear that turquoise color more often, Susa. It looks great on you!

    I’m just about ready for un verre de Bordeaux myself. A sante!

  2. Rakastan turkoosia väriä, kaikissa sävyissä! You are so chic!!

    Olisipa ihana käydä Bordeauxissa maistelemassa punaviinejä ja muutenkin. On niin paljon paikkoja matkustamatta.. 🙂

  3. Hey honey,

    I love the house in picture 3 – like from a movie or fairy tale and I love your purple/mint combination.

    Just a short comment today since I`ve caught the first flu of the season :((((

    No hugs to avoid being contaigeous 🙁 Your sick Jen

  4. My dear!
    I LOVE that turqouise (you know how to pronounce it, un-American is the way!) on you. Looks awesome.
    And dont dare go to Bourdeaux without letting me know (rhyme!), I’ll join you for sure. Lived/worked there for a few months when I was young(er?)!

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