Chic Whale Tales


Up North Quebec, about a 3-hour drive from Quebec City, there is a place called Tadoussac. That is where nature treats you to a spectacle – whales dancing, spouting… a lot to amaze at. You feel so neatly small. You take it in. You pause.

I enjoy combining the zenitude of nature with a chicitude of fashion. Being cuddled in heart by the vast beauty, and at the same time feeling good about you since you are expressing your inner self with the clothes you’ve chosen carry.

I have learned about sensing contentment in my daily life. I have done little things – carefully and mindfully. I prefer less of anything but with more concentration. This way everything seems classier. I’m more present. I give my best.

Work has been interesting lately. I have many groups and love the tiny, fleeting show that can go on in an English class. People come there to spend a sweet moment. My job is to make the magic happen.

Camaieu top, La Halle pants, Gap flats


12 thoughts on “Chic Whale Tales”

  1. Susa, your flats are so gorgeous!! Those are one of my favorite patterns (when you open my closet, you can almost hear it roaring ;))
    And those whales… I’m a nature lover and my greatest dream is to see them that close one day !
    Thank you for sharing with us this magical moment 🙂
    Take care,

  2. Susa, my sunshine,

    that light-purple/violet blouse looks so lovely on you and matches your complexion so perfectly (Purple can be tricky on pale blondes but you picked the perfect hue!) and omg – white pants (=summer!). (The only thing I would have styled different is wearing red or blue ballerinas for a colour-blocking effect.)

    Your super-lovely & serene pictures give me a melancholic sense as when you`re looking at your past summer vacation pictures, sitting in front of the heating in a thick wool-sweater in autumn. (I`m already wearing shirt + thick hooded pullover + thick scarf while typing this with my freezing cold fingers).

    Lucky you benefiting from the gulf stream!

    Warm hugs from cold european autumn.

    Yours, Jen

  3. Ah, I love the sunshine! Beautiful place place to visit, makes me crave for beaches all the more. We don´t have it here, we just got mountains. Love the red purple and white combo too. That silk top looks very comfy and chic.

    P.S. I sent you an email.

  4. how cute is that squirrel!! this is such a post full of the sweetest mixture… nature, fashion and heartwarming thoughts. i just love what you are wearing too, how colourful, classic and chic!

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