Electrik Bluuu

What are good days made of? Peppy colors, stripes that take you to the heart of vogue, Starbucks wonder dust and Champagne… delivered directly from France, naturellement! (The advantage of having a French mom-in-law.)

I’m savoring the cooling days the way can. Work has increased, more clients for the lil’ company of mine. I keep stopping at my fave hangout for some post-work unwinding. I pop in at friends’, I e-mail the ones further away. I plan my future trips – November to Montreal and December New York it shall be.

Forvever 21 biker jacket, Camaieu sweater, Limited pants, Globo shoes, Helsinki market place scarf, Toulon designer hand-made choker

Melrose Place

As the fall kicks in full blast, I’m feeling like apple scented candles. I glitter the apartment with the little burning pearls. I equally organized a pot luck at church and my BFF brought in a yummy apple crumble.

I keep making the chic choice as to sartorial adventures. Red spices up the autumn days nicely. I layer up for work. If the job gets heated up, lots of acting out in a class, I can shed of a coating.

Carrefour top, H&M skirt, Globo wedges

Stylish in Bordeaux

Wine and new exciting encounters…

Meet Thierry! The kindest wine producer I met at the Bordeaux Wine Festival here in Quebec City. What a lovely encounter. I savored Thierry’s vanilla smooth Chateau de Gravieres Cru des Graves 2009… mmm, so yummy! A perfect sensual a beverage to all chic girls’ night in. Get your orders in here. Say “hi” to Thierry from me… I’m sure you’ll get exquisite service with the French touch, avec plenty of oh la la!

Fall colors turn towards burgundy. That deep red, berried blast. I’m still hesitating. The hue takes me back to high school, velvety vests or something scary… Turquoise in the fall entices me more. For now.  But if I start off this mode… at the end I most likely love.

Wine and fun. Hugs to the busily wine harvesting Thierry! Wish we could all take a hop over to Bordeaux.

Dynamite shirt and skirt, Gap flats

Chic Whale Tales


Up North Quebec, about a 3-hour drive from Quebec City, there is a place called Tadoussac. That is where nature treats you to a spectacle – whales dancing, spouting… a lot to amaze at. You feel so neatly small. You take it in. You pause.

I enjoy combining the zenitude of nature with a chicitude of fashion. Being cuddled in heart by the vast beauty, and at the same time feeling good about you since you are expressing your inner self with the clothes you’ve chosen carry.

I have learned about sensing contentment in my daily life. I have done little things – carefully and mindfully. I prefer less of anything but with more concentration. This way everything seems classier. I’m more present. I give my best.

Work has been interesting lately. I have many groups and love the tiny, fleeting show that can go on in an English class. People come there to spend a sweet moment. My job is to make the magic happen.

Camaieu top, La Halle pants, Gap flats