Oh My Cakes!

I never thought that summer would last this long in Canada… but I am totally loving every crumb of it! With Fall season’s colors.

Fall goes baroque. And squeezes orange.  I am smitten with the seventies mania.

These pics are from a cute little cupcake store in Montreal. Three charming ladies behind the counter, ready to serve and answer all burning questions. I adored the mini models. Teeny treats please my lifestyle. You get to carefully savor as much as you wish. One appreciative bite at a time.

My company is making its debuts, go Susa English! I am learning about networking. Making people know about your talents is hard. In our communication era. How to find the ones that need your skills? When I teach in a way that is unique to the client, when I see that sparkle of “yes, I can speak English, my special way”… I feel contented. My life mission – this is what I pondered at a post-work Starbucks session, jotting down in my Glamour, in the midst of fall fashion treats “I am to bring beauty around me“.

EuroChic top, Dynamite skirt, Globo earrings

12 thoughts on “Oh My Cakes!”

  1. Onnea uudelle yritykselle!!

    Herkullisen näköisiä kuppikakkuja (vai mitä ovatkaan suomeksi:), pitää kurkistaa kuinka läheltä meidän hotellia löytyisi. Eilen kävin jo ostamassa moon cakes Chinatownista.

  2. Hey dear,

    the cakes look delicious & I`m loving your outfit & all the vibrant colours. (Even though you look very skinny, even for your standarts – hope you`re taking care of yourself!).

    Best wishes for your english teaching, miss teacher 🙂

    Hugs, Jen

  3. Dear susa you look gorgeous! The cakes look so yummy, what beautiful pictures…

    Good luck with your new business! I see your schedule is full! Stay strong and happy!

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