Oh My Cakes!

I never thought that summer would last this long in Canada… but I am totally loving every crumb of it! With Fall season’s colors.

Fall goes baroque. And squeezes orange.  I am smitten with the seventies mania.

These pics are from a cute little cupcake store in Montreal. Three charming ladies behind the counter, ready to serve and answer all burning questions. I adored the mini models. Teeny treats please my lifestyle. You get to carefully savor as much as you wish. One appreciative bite at a time.

My company is making its debuts, go Susa English! I am learning about networking. Making people know about your talents is hard. In our communication era. How to find the ones that need your skills? When I teach in a way that is unique to the client, when I see that sparkle of “yes, I can speak English, my special way”… I feel contented. My life mission – this is what I pondered at a post-work Starbucks session, jotting down in my Glamour, in the midst of fall fashion treats “I am to bring beauty around me“.

EuroChic top, Dynamite skirt, Globo earrings