Maine Princess

So this the chicest mom of five living in Maine! My very long-time blogger friend, a fellow Finn Sennie! How sweet it was to spend some time together, blueberry muffins and heartfelt talks… and more should be coming.

Saturday was overcast but we dined with wine at the waterfront… lobster, clam chowder and crab, naturally. Seaside smells always enchant my nostrils.

More Maine pics to come. This week I’m working full-speed. Just wanted to leave a quick note. Hugs ya’ll!

6 thoughts on “Maine Princess”

  1. Hey Maine Princess,

    truly Princess-hair *loving it and so stealing the idea ;)*

    *sigh* Your beautiful-locations-pictures always make me long to be far away from the grey city I call home…

    Melancholic regards, Jen

  2. Nothing better than pop colors and some lobster to make you forget a cloudy weather!
    And oh, by the way, I love the princess-style hair 🙂

  3. So envious of both of you, I never had a heartfelt talk with my girlfriends for over a year now since I moved here in Europe. It´s great to have a close, dear friend. Btw, I love the color of of your shirt. It isn´t mustard, it must be that trend color of the season, gold yellow.

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