Pop Tart Kolor Blok

Who said that summer had to be over? I’m hard-core clinging onto every last a crumb. Kolor-bloking continues well into fall. Giving shape and minimalistic chicness. This weekend the hubs, my mom-in-law and I are taking a trip to Maine, USA. The first stop will be at a long-time blogger friend’s… some of you know her! The second night shall be savored on the Atlantic ocean side. Living the American experience to the fullest. Having more time to be me than back home in Paris. Foliage pushing its nose. Me starting zumba lessons tonight.

Photos by my dear sis-in-law Mari

Bedo dress

4 thoughts on “Pop Tart Kolor Blok”

  1. Minä yritin aloittaa zumban mutta ei ollut minun laji, eli käyn vain normaaleissa jumpissa… 🙂 Ei taida minulla olla sitä tanssillista taipumusta..
    Ihana mekko !!

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