Bubble Chair

I ventured over to the main library in Tampere, Finland, and sat in my bubble. The Scandi design jewel circa 1968 by Eero Aarnio. You hear all dulled in there. A true moment just for toi. A bubble bath in public… oh là là!

Finland’s highest tower The Needle. Up on the top you can dine. Your table will twirl a full round in an hour. I hear that desserts are chic under the Nordic skies.

Now a special treat… here is my sister! Check out her smart print pairing. The trend to strut on even stronger as the fall unveils.  Effortless chic with golden accents.

Some Helsinki vintage whipped cream. The cave-like store, one whitely painted tunnel leading into another little space could have taken hours to depict through. I took it all in as a whole, general experience. Came out inspired to pair up more boldly. Prints like this fall’s galore!

I’ve been loving the cling of bangles lately. Just like my dear sis. They make you feel that little pink lip kiss push more feminine.

Of course my sis styles her hair to the current vibe. Braids. Boho city chic. This is when we lunched with wine, saw art and hit the vintage secrets.

This week I have been trying to beat a cold. I’ve been forced to sleep – even when it’s the afternoon and the sun is still kindly over Quebec City. I suppose that life is about accepting things as they come to us. I was to take it easier this week. Well, so it has been. I’ve still been able to take long walks, no jogging when half-in-shape. Starbucking has equally been my sweet treat schedule. Time there never fails. A cup of coffee and me learning how to love, pause and live in the present.