Purple Glitter Candy

Welcome aboard to Helsinki, Finland. The best destination for some chic coffee shop lingering and modern art indulgences.

I take my time. Sipping the atmosphere. Chatting with loved ones. Time away from one’s real life is always a treat. It gives me perspective.

Fashion is my way of saying gently “this is who I am, partially”. And of course then there’s more under the surface. But that is to be revealed with caution.

Helsinki offers so many visual impulses. Design truly is Scandinavian. It just flows out so naturally up there. No forcing, just letting what is bound to come out.

Open spaces trigger the creative bone. Makes you want to jump in the artsy boat.

We all have talents. 24 hours at a time to use them. Don’t have to see further. Just that time lapse. And giving my best shot. Today this girl is up to painting again… and You?

Bedo tunic top, Etam shorts, Globo wedges, Riviera bag

Photos downtown Helsinki, Finland

12 thoughts on “Purple Glitter Candy”

  1. I so love that first photo! The grasses are beautifully green and your shots are great. I guess your dress color really fits the color of the grass. I must commend too, you look a lot healthier these days, your legs are more curvy. I like it. 🙂

  2. Hey there! I had to come and see how your blog looks like. I always prefer finnish blogs, but this was really nice. You are so beautiful, but what I loved to most was your unique way of posing. 😉

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