Oh My Cakes!

I never thought that summer would last this long in Canada… but I am totally loving every crumb of it! With Fall season’s colors.

Fall goes baroque. And squeezes orange.  I am smitten with the seventies mania.

These pics are from a cute little cupcake store in Montreal. Three charming ladies behind the counter, ready to serve and answer all burning questions. I adored the mini models. Teeny treats please my lifestyle. You get to carefully savor as much as you wish. One appreciative bite at a time.

My company is making its debuts, go Susa English! I am learning about networking. Making people know about your talents is hard. In our communication era. How to find the ones that need your skills? When I teach in a way that is unique to the client, when I see that sparkle of “yes, I can speak English, my special way”… I feel contented. My life mission – this is what I pondered at a post-work Starbucks session, jotting down in my Glamour, in the midst of fall fashion treats “I am to bring beauty around me“.

EuroChic top, Dynamite skirt, Globo earrings

Maine Princess

So this the chicest mom of five living in Maine! My very long-time blogger friend, a fellow Finn Sennie! How sweet it was to spend some time together, blueberry muffins and heartfelt talks… and more should be coming.

Saturday was overcast but we dined with wine at the waterfront… lobster, clam chowder and crab, naturally. Seaside smells always enchant my nostrils.

More Maine pics to come. This week I’m working full-speed. Just wanted to leave a quick note. Hugs ya’ll!

Pop Tart Kolor Blok

Who said that summer had to be over? I’m hard-core clinging onto every last a crumb. Kolor-bloking continues well into fall. Giving shape and minimalistic chicness. This weekend the hubs, my mom-in-law and I are taking a trip to Maine, USA. The first stop will be at a long-time blogger friend’s… some of you know her! The second night shall be savored on the Atlantic ocean side. Living the American experience to the fullest. Having more time to be me than back home in Paris. Foliage pushing its nose. Me starting zumba lessons tonight.

Photos by my dear sis-in-law Mari

Bedo dress

Bubble Chair

I ventured over to the main library in Tampere, Finland, and sat in my bubble. The Scandi design jewel circa 1968 by Eero Aarnio. You hear all dulled in there. A true moment just for toi. A bubble bath in public… oh là là!

Finland’s highest tower The Needle. Up on the top you can dine. Your table will twirl a full round in an hour. I hear that desserts are chic under the Nordic skies.

Now a special treat… here is my sister! Check out her smart print pairing. The trend to strut on even stronger as the fall unveils.  Effortless chic with golden accents.

Some Helsinki vintage whipped cream. The cave-like store, one whitely painted tunnel leading into another little space could have taken hours to depict through. I took it all in as a whole, general experience. Came out inspired to pair up more boldly. Prints like this fall’s galore!

I’ve been loving the cling of bangles lately. Just like my dear sis. They make you feel that little pink lip kiss push more feminine.

Of course my sis styles her hair to the current vibe. Braids. Boho city chic. This is when we lunched with wine, saw art and hit the vintage secrets.

This week I have been trying to beat a cold. I’ve been forced to sleep – even when it’s the afternoon and the sun is still kindly over Quebec City. I suppose that life is about accepting things as they come to us. I was to take it easier this week. Well, so it has been. I’ve still been able to take long walks, no jogging when half-in-shape. Starbucking has equally been my sweet treat schedule. Time there never fails. A cup of coffee and me learning how to love, pause and live in the present.

Purple Glitter Candy

Welcome aboard to Helsinki, Finland. The best destination for some chic coffee shop lingering and modern art indulgences.

I take my time. Sipping the atmosphere. Chatting with loved ones. Time away from one’s real life is always a treat. It gives me perspective.

Fashion is my way of saying gently “this is who I am, partially”. And of course then there’s more under the surface. But that is to be revealed with caution.

Helsinki offers so many visual impulses. Design truly is Scandinavian. It just flows out so naturally up there. No forcing, just letting what is bound to come out.

Open spaces trigger the creative bone. Makes you want to jump in the artsy boat.

We all have talents. 24 hours at a time to use them. Don’t have to see further. Just that time lapse. And giving my best shot. Today this girl is up to painting again… and You?

Bedo tunic top, Etam shorts, Globo wedges, Riviera bag

Photos downtown Helsinki, Finland