Bonbon Ballet

Ballet… bonbons candy kisses… my little Susa English business finding more and more sweet clients. This is late summer in Quebec City. Who would have thought that the dainty season would last so long! I savor every moment since I am a winter disliker.

Tomorrow we’re heading up the Saint Lawrence river banks to get a glimpse of whales. Labor Day weekend ahead so Monday calls for a sleep-in. On Tuesday I have a dentist’s appointment – 1,5 hours the nice doc said. I’m hurting already. Maybe a cupcake beforehand could help!

Peachy hugs coming your way…

Miss Coquine top, Shania skirt, Gap ballet flats



  1. sofia

    glad to see you’re enjoying the last bits of summer! it was so lovely seeing you, hope the rest of your visit went well! 🙂

  2. audrey

    incredible! colours and textures and prints… so truly lovely the ensemble that you are wearing. this is a nice boost of fashion energy for the winding down of summer. the sun on your pretty face is so much a reflection of this…

    i just adore the nature and cupcakes and sheer fun of this post:)!

    hugs dear You!

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