Disco Glam

So, I’m back home. Flew thru New York in and out. Had such a lovely time off. There are no words. Just pure bliss. All the dear ones I met. Hugs, kisses, well wishes. My heart is bursting.

Now I have to accept dipping into real life again. I’m trying to find comfort in little glamorous pleasures. Watching my fave TV shows while devouring a marshmallow or two on the homey sofa. Taking long strolls along the Saint Lawrence river. Thus is life. A lot of love and then… a void.

Italo chic dress, Andiamo pumps

9 thoughts on “Disco Glam”

  1. it’s true, your dress is so beautiful. is it the one you bought in italy last year?

    from the photos it looks like a fine event!

    yup lovely You, one day at a time with sweet treats to add that dash of sprinkle as we journey…

  2. Ooo i’m not sure if the comment i posted went through… silly me. your dress is the prettiest thing! and it looks like such a nice event… hugs!!

  3. I love, love the sophistication of this dress and its tiered-like skirt. Guess what Susa? While walking the streets of Paris close to the Galeries Lafayette I saw a lady walking who looked so you. I stopped on my walk and really looked intently, but I was sure you weren´t in Paris. 🙂

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