Coffee Beans with Love

How sorbet sweet it is to vacation. I’ve had plenty of time to reflect at lakesides, admire morning dew while wrapped up in a soft blanket, sipping coffee… flavored the way I remember it from my young adulthood. Coffee tastes different in every country – France likes theirs smoked, America gently light and some say watered, Finland gulps down a hot beverage that has a slightly bitter afterbite.

Adapting to coffee could be compared to many other areas of life. The ability to stay flexible in mind is what a joyful existence takes. I’ve had some trouble on that front in Canada. Somehow, I just grew tired. Now that I’ve gotten a bit of distance to it all, I sense a desire to try with a renewed punch.

I still have a week to go here in Finland. I plan to ride a bike, breathe in fresh forest air, chat around with my dear ones… in all my doings to stay present to the moment.

Art by Susa

Camaieu top, Limité skirt, Zellers hat, Shania shoes