Bonbon Ballet

Ballet… bonbons candy kisses… my little Susa English business finding more and more sweet clients. This is late summer in Quebec City. Who would have thought that the dainty season would last so long! I savor every moment since I am a winter disliker.

Tomorrow we’re heading up the Saint Lawrence river banks to get a glimpse of whales. Labor Day weekend ahead so Monday calls for a sleep-in. On Tuesday I have a dentist’s appointment – 1,5 hours the nice doc said. I’m hurting already. Maybe a cupcake beforehand could help!

Peachy hugs coming your way…

Miss Coquine top, Shania skirt, Gap ballet flats


Cupcake Summer Ain’t Over!

Time back home in Canada has been filled with emotions. It was harder leaving my family in Finland than back in my Paris days. Still getting used to my new place of home, I’d say. The best blues remedy… re-finding my local sweet treats. Doing things that please me, from experience. I hit the Quebec Museum of Fine Arts to see their exhibition on Women Surrealists. I have hung out at Starbucks. Continued my specialty work painting assignment.

I have also been busy launching my English teaching business Susa English. Here is the under construction websitey. First advertisement shall appear on Saturday’s paper. A friend from NY is visiting this weekend. Lovely, cupcakey things await – 24 hours at a time!

Shania playsuit, Gap flats

Disco Glam

So, I’m back home. Flew thru New York in and out. Had such a lovely time off. There are no words. Just pure bliss. All the dear ones I met. Hugs, kisses, well wishes. My heart is bursting.

Now I have to accept dipping into real life again. I’m trying to find comfort in little glamorous pleasures. Watching my fave TV shows while devouring a marshmallow or two on the homey sofa. Taking long strolls along the Saint Lawrence river. Thus is life. A lot of love and then… a void.

Italo chic dress, Andiamo pumps

Coffee Beans with Love

How sorbet sweet it is to vacation. I’ve had plenty of time to reflect at lakesides, admire morning dew while wrapped up in a soft blanket, sipping coffee… flavored the way I remember it from my young adulthood. Coffee tastes different in every country – France likes theirs smoked, America gently light and some say watered, Finland gulps down a hot beverage that has a slightly bitter afterbite.

Adapting to coffee could be compared to many other areas of life. The ability to stay flexible in mind is what a joyful existence takes. I’ve had some trouble on that front in Canada. Somehow, I just grew tired. Now that I’ve gotten a bit of distance to it all, I sense a desire to try with a renewed punch.

I still have a week to go here in Finland. I plan to ride a bike, breathe in fresh forest air, chat around with my dear ones… in all my doings to stay present to the moment.

Art by Susa

Camaieu top, Limité skirt, Zellers hat, Shania shoes