Red Hot Lips

This chick is off to New York tomorrow. Flying in from Montreal, sipping up a cup of Starbucks and getting a stack of American glossies, then shifting on towards Helsinki. A night over the Atlantic… hopefully I’ll get my beauty sleep in. I arrive in Finland a little before 9 a.m. I suspect Sunday shall be low-key.

So vacation moods it is. Tonight savoring a glass of California Shiraz – my new love. Kissing-hugging-kissing the Sweets… and contemplating the half a year passed in Canada. Friends made, work found – lots of English lessons taught, fashion lived and enjoyed, art painted. What shall be the next chapter? My Susa English company taking up on its wings and flying. My art selling some more.

Red lips cupcake kisses loves!

Art by Susa

Vero Moda top, Etam skirt, Riviera sandals, Toulon designer flower band