Candy Glitter

I just saw LMFAO in concert. The summer music festival is here in Quebec City and downtown is packed with party folks. We live right in the action. The bam and boum can be heard in our living-room. Neons take this summer away. The number of kiddos dressed in such, cheering for LMFAO. You should have seen. We were 75 000 there, I suppose. Dancing the city night away.

I have a new art project. An interesting order. The type of painting I hadn’t done in years. Nevertheless, it seems to be going okay, and giving my days sweet purpose.

Bedo top, Bedo,skirt, Globo wedeges, Devernois handbag

10 thoughts on “Candy Glitter”

  1. summer outdoor music festivals! does it get much better than that. i love the idea of being able to be in the midst of great music and dancing, and having the sweet pleasure of returning home to comfy and getting away from the crowds. i hope you are enjoying so much! i’m looking forward to hearing more about your art project… intriguing:). sounds like a lovely assignment! you look fantastic! keep doing what you are doing & have fun:).

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