Chic and The City

My vacation in Finland is rolling on softly. I’ve savored some sweet and tender family time, along with soulful red wine, comforting cinnamon rolls and vanilla ice-cream. Today my thoughts fly back to my current place of home though. Here, may I present, my Quebecker bestie Valerie. She is a lady who knows her chic, and rocks it all together in a smart way. Being uber vogue doesn’t take an arm and a high-heeled leg, according to Montreal-born Valerie. One can add a lot to an outfit with pearls. Fascinators fascinate my sweet Val, too.

Valerie has been there for me when Paris was having a nostalgia spell on this chick. She and I regularly get together at Starbuckies on lazy Friday afternoons. Valerie is the best friend far away from them all. She has a European heart, an inclination to everything delicate and refined.

Friends like Valerie are a big reason why relocating can feel good, reassuring and worth the while. Had I stayed in Paris, we never would have met. The day of photo taking, my Gal and I went to a tea party at the bishop’s house. Darjeeling and scones were ours, as we spent a moment of dandy. And lived life. Together. For this slice of passage.

Now… it is time for me to free fly here in Finland, back at my roots. It does feel profoundly good to be where it all started. This lady’s life. The path that has carried me ten times over the Atlantic already. More to come. But now I’ll share this particular pink shaded evening in the compamy of dear Mom and little sis.

Forever 21 dress, Simons hat

Red Hot Lips

This chick is off to New York tomorrow. Flying in from Montreal, sipping up a cup of Starbucks and getting a stack of American glossies, then shifting on towards Helsinki. A night over the Atlantic… hopefully I’ll get my beauty sleep in. I arrive in Finland a little before 9 a.m. I suspect Sunday shall be low-key.

So vacation moods it is. Tonight savoring a glass of California Shiraz – my new love. Kissing-hugging-kissing the Sweets… and contemplating the half a year passed in Canada. Friends made, work found – lots of English lessons taught, fashion lived and enjoyed, art painted. What shall be the next chapter? My Susa English company taking up on its wings and flying. My art selling some more.

Red lips cupcake kisses loves!

Art by Susa

Vero Moda top, Etam skirt, Riviera sandals, Toulon designer flower band

Sherbert Dream

The rock festival is full speed jazzing on. Bon Jovi popped in on Monday, The Offspring shall be ours on Saturday. The Sweets and I drove up the Saint Lawrence River’s North shore, and an hour from Quebec City found this pearl. A Milan-type, magnificent cathedral, and a delicious ice-cream parlor just en face. Oh the joy… did you notice my bonbon-prettified cone?

This eve’ I’m hosting a Girls’ Night. I’ll decorate the little glass table with pearls. We’ll eat yummy bell pepper hummus, honey roasted nuts and – still a surprise flavor, according to baker Anne’s inspiration – cupcakes and sip on some lush wine. All my friends, that I’ve been lucky to make since my arrival in December, are coming!

Art by Susa

Roxy shorts, Shania top, H&M cardigan, Gap ballet flats, C&A jewelry

Photos from Saint Anne de Beaupre, Canada




Candy Glitter

I just saw LMFAO in concert. The summer music festival is here in Quebec City and downtown is packed with party folks. We live right in the action. The bam and boum can be heard in our living-room. Neons take this summer away. The number of kiddos dressed in such, cheering for LMFAO. You should have seen. We were 75 000 there, I suppose. Dancing the city night away.

I have a new art project. An interesting order. The type of painting I hadn’t done in years. Nevertheless, it seems to be going okay, and giving my days sweet purpose.

Bedo top, Bedo,skirt, Globo wedeges, Devernois handbag

Canada Cake Day

Of course we had to celebrate our new homeland’s name day. There was the flag ceremony, Canada cream cake, lots of fun and music in Central Park – and fireworks after the sunset. Honey and I had savored the above drinks on our terrace, then kissed under the moonlight. Seven months gone by here – life learned for sure.

Camaieu dress, Globo wedges