Tulle Talk

Be it summer and all, we still need a rainy day/cool evening secret chic weapon. A style cannon ball, shall I call it. Colorful tights do the trick for this chick. Electric blue. This summer’s hue.

A quarter in Quebec City called Little Champlain. Lots of cute shops and delicious bakeries.

Sunsets steal my heart every time. They are so soothing. Take you to a serene place.

Chic ahoy… this ballerina is always ready to goof around!

Saint Lawrence River. My fave jogging ground for the sweet and soft season. Waterfronts attract this gal. The element of peace and strong inner joy.

Quebec City has some mighty interesting roof top terraces. Now… I only need a cocktail party invitation. Anyone? I’ll haul in the pink and fizzy wine.

This is life lately. Still painting. Working on a dress series. Tulle and feathers on a more abstract background. Kisses cupcakes!

Pimkie tulle skirt, Shania top, Gap ballet flats

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  1. I’ve missed a few posts while I was moving! I love the picture of ‘sailor you’ 🙂 btw I wrote a reply to your comment and suggested 26th July as I’m away until then. You can e-mail me too and we’ll arrange if it works with your schedule! x

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