Cupcake Glitter

Lace entices me this spring time. Pulling that white wonder out of the closet, after a winter so long. My legs breathe. Toes giggle. Soul shyly starts to sing. Possibly. Hopefully.

My Quebecker pal keeps baking the sweets away. Nutty tones.

I smile. I try to live life to the fullest. My challenge. Internal tensions. Panic attacks that try to lurk. Feeling tense inside. Pains. For no reason. Uncomfortable sensations in a bus. A crowded place. Spoiling my joy.

Oh, if I could just go back to that girl I used to be. Relaxed. Living here and now. Fearlessly. I keep believing I can.

Lime longings. Refreshing tang.

Sensing you as a cupcake.

Tip-toe tango.

Learning that relaxed attitude.

My life.  Now. What is yours?

Sophistix top, Shania skirt, Tamaris pumps, Helsinki vintage purse

6 thoughts on “Cupcake Glitter”

  1. You’re looking gorgeous! I particularly love your hair in these pictures. And the red one-shoulder top is so pretty.

  2. this really is the cutest ensemble… i just love the silkiness of the red summer halter and the lacy flirtiness of the skirt… wonderful together!

    a friend thinks that we get all uncomfortable in our bodies as there is change in the air and we feel the shifting and pulling and changes within. it hurts, it is uncomfortable, we want relief. she tells me to hold on, stay the course as the changes are beneficial and profound.

    i thought, hmmm. interesting. makes us wonder if this is indeed connected to moments of sadness and discomfort.

    i thought it strange when she mentioned this, now i am wondering if it makes sense. have you any thoughts in connection?

    hope you are having a beautiful day!

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