Tulle Talk

Be it summer and all, we still need a rainy day/cool evening secret chic weapon. A style cannon ball, shall I call it. Colorful tights do the trick for this chick. Electric blue. This summer’s hue.

A quarter in Quebec City called Little Champlain. Lots of cute shops and delicious bakeries.

Sunsets steal my heart every time. They are so soothing. Take you to a serene place.

Chic ahoy… this ballerina is always ready to goof around!

Saint Lawrence River. My fave jogging ground for the sweet and soft season. Waterfronts attract this gal. The element of peace and strong inner joy.

Quebec City has some mighty interesting roof top terraces. Now… I only need a cocktail party invitation. Anyone? I’ll haul in the pink and fizzy wine.

This is life lately. Still painting. Working on a dress series. Tulle and feathers on a more abstract background. Kisses cupcakes!

Pimkie tulle skirt, Shania top, Gap ballet flats

Hat Jazz

Having fun with hats. A definite way of showing that you’re out there. My style pill includes chic powder and a pinch of that crazy, a bit “out in the open and seen” attitude. I like to be noticed. I feel like some folks here in Quebec City are already starting to remember the fashy blonde chick. Hopping around town. The other day someone asked me if I worked in fashion. They had regularly seen me ride the bus, and take notes in my trend magazine. To be honest, I use my mags as journals. Spilling out my moods as I roll to work, and back.

Lindex hat, Riviera vintage shirt, Helsinki vintage scarf, Globo wedges


Retro Glam

The shirt I’m rocking is a vintage gift from my sister. Last summer, as my b-day simmered along. There’s something that enchants me in the print. Feminine, powerful and timelessly chic.

My feelings have been all over the place again. When will they settle down? As an artist, I know the importance of sentiments. Feeding your sensitivity. But too much is… well, too and much.

I may have sold my first painting here Canadian-side. I should haul along some of my works within the next few days to be chosen from. So creativity is flowing, regardless.

Tonight they open the terraces on Grand Alley. I’ll trot along and sip some Cosmos.

 Helsinki vintage top, La Halle pants, Shania sandals, Quebec vintage bangles, Guess necklace


Cupcake Glitter

Lace entices me this spring time. Pulling that white wonder out of the closet, after a winter so long. My legs breathe. Toes giggle. Soul shyly starts to sing. Possibly. Hopefully.

My Quebecker pal keeps baking the sweets away. Nutty tones.

I smile. I try to live life to the fullest. My challenge. Internal tensions. Panic attacks that try to lurk. Feeling tense inside. Pains. For no reason. Uncomfortable sensations in a bus. A crowded place. Spoiling my joy.

Oh, if I could just go back to that girl I used to be. Relaxed. Living here and now. Fearlessly. I keep believing I can.

Lime longings. Refreshing tang.

Sensing you as a cupcake.

Tip-toe tango.

Learning that relaxed attitude.

My life.  Now. What is yours?

Sophistix top, Shania skirt, Tamaris pumps, Helsinki vintage purse