Urb’ Chic Yoga

Finding my center in the urban buzz.

Contrasting the seemingly black and white has always been my thing.

The boat on the right homes a spa – urban meditation at its yu-OM-miest?

Ballet keeps accompanying me in my quest for serenity.

Life has been quite good lately. But then, a blue moment sticks in. Again.

If only I could be totally free from lurking sadness.

Montreal stirred me. A combination of London clothes’ cockiness, NY eateries and cafe vibes, topped off with some Parisian bygone flair.

My little company is getting more and more on its feet. Tangible tiny steps.

This is life. Lately.

Camaieu top, La Halle pants, Old Navy belts, Gap ballet flats, H&M earrings


5 thoughts on “Urb’ Chic Yoga”

  1. Oh I really like the black and white! So glad to hear that your company is doing well. I pray that it continues to grow! Sounds like you are really being blessed so just keep your eyes on that and don’t let anything get you discouraged.

  2. My dearest Sunshiney Susa…

    I just dropped in because I’m ‘catching up’ now on blogs and I have to tell you how HAPPY I am to see your bright, shining, smiling, happy gorgeous face! You just made my entire day.. chica!!

    I miss you soooo much and I think of you ALLLLLL the time!

    You are being missed and hugged from afar…

    Have a great weekend.. Hi to Seb..

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