Montreal à la Glamour

My Montreal jazzes to electric blue finger nail tunes.

My city pumps up, spurs and boosts – enticing the glam girl out.

Montreal treats you to artsy outings. Chinatown strolls abouts.

You climb up the Mount Royal park… and the buzz is yours to admire.

Montreal threw some sweet encounters on my way. Fellow modern art museum visitors. There we were, chatting for a time and two.

Sweets and I munched on nachos and lingered upon deep red wine.

Louis Vuitton… just like back in sweet home Paris!

Wandering the metropolises. Nowhere and everywhere to go.

Yummy bubble tea – and other exotic delicacies.

Urban liberty.

This is my early summer.

Dynamite dress, Globo shoes


8 thoughts on “Montreal à la Glamour”

  1. Ah! You look so happy !n

    I have a dress so similar to that only different colors, love !

    We have a graffiti wall in my town too, so fun….

    Oh and what’s bubble tea like? There’s a shop nearby but I have always been intimidated… As I have never had tapioca and I heard it had tapioca pearls?

  2. Nahhhhhhh the Vuitton window display is the same here!! That SUCKS! I thought it was so original!

    (And I want those arrows real bad)

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