Hot Stuff

What if we all felt so-oo sexy, all of a sudden…

Struck a pose, just because.

Giggled away. A time or two.

My dear Anne and her wondrous cupcakes. Pecan caramel. Melt away, will ya!

A night out at friends’. BBQ and funny home-made films.

I picked up the cutie in the very middle.

Life after anorexia is generous. It eats cupcakes that dear friends lovingly bake. It feels all sizzling and sexy. Weird saying that out loud, yet these are very the words that heal and soothe. The paroles that keep the girl away from relapsing. Guys driving by and honking their horns. Calling you sex-ay. When a bone bag… this ain’t the deal.

Go ladies, show your figures… and most of all, show You!

Dynamite top, Limité skirt, Spring pumps


11 thoughts on “Hot Stuff”

  1. I am sorry that I have not been commenting much lately; I had internet trouble due to a storm and it caused our modem to die. So we had to have our modem fixed!

    Thankfully, I’m back on internet and being able to read blogs and leave comments!

    Like always; you looked amazing and beautiful! I loved the outfit especially the shoes! I’ve been itching to buy cute sparkling flats lately–you may have convinced me to go and get them! 🙂


    PS: Thank you for your wonderful comments! And Yes, you should try Tofu! 🙂

  2. Hei!

    On aivan pakko kommentoida. Näytät aivan mahtavalta, so hot! 😉 Olen niin onnellinen puolestasi, että olet saanut väriä elämään. Toivon koko sydämestäni kaikkea hyvää sinulle ja iloa&rakkautta <3.

    terv. Tiina (entinen pariisin asukki, nykyään Kuopion tallustelija)

  3. You look AMAZING!!!!!! Susa…. Your legs are GORGEOUS!!!!

    You go girl… cupcakes, whatever you desire…

    Love you much, Sexy Girl!!


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