Minty Moods

Fresh, minty spring winds… blowing sweetly. I had a very active weekend. On Friday I went to an art opening, followed by some Starbucks lingering. The misty night encouraged me to continue on, to wander on the darkened alleys and admire art gallery windows.

On Saturday the Sweets and I took a leisurely waterfront walk. Coffee on the go. Precious lover time. In the evening, I stopped by a friend’s, she showed me her newest fashions fancies, then hurried on to see Death Trap, a play, with another friend. A thriller the show was, that took me away. Utterly. Once again, I wandered home under the moon light.

Sunday was low-key. Church time, then pasta and French presidential elections result watching. Go Francois! In the evening, another stroll with the hubs. Now slowly drifting onto the the week. Sunny skies in Quebec City.

Dynamite minty top, Euro Diff pants, H&M cardigan, H&M belt, Gap ballet flats, Devernois sequin purse

8 thoughts on “Minty Moods”

  1. Minty moods indeed. I’m loving all things minty this season. Warmly hope you are both well;-)

  2. minty moods indeed! what a lovely and refreshing post! i can use it… to remind me of the magic and wonder of springtime. sometimes soft light moody moments in a season are simply the sweetest. thank you for always inspiring pretty you! miss you girl!

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