Mustard Blurb

We took a leisurely ride out to the Orleans Island, floating in the middle of Saint Lawrence River. A cute hop away from Quebec City. The visit started at the island’s gem, a delicious chocolate shop. The Sweets and I munched on mint and vanilla cream-filled choco treats as we strolled along the windy riverbanks.

I love taking it easy and getting acquainted with my new surroundings. Nature has such soothing power. Canadian landscape differs greatly from what I have ever seen before. Such majesty. Great vast areas. Mustardy colors. Awesome inspiration for wardrobe.

I have enjoyed getting more into some friendships. I have several new people in my life, and we do things often. Inspiration-based. Smoothly rolling. Art openings and theater.

I also went shopping recently. Found some perky spring stuff. Made me feel very Gucci  in its shimmerness. Luxury is here for us to take. What will be your vogue action this week? I’ll be sporting some silver glittered heels.

Riviera vintage shirt, Camaieu skirt, Manoukian booties

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  1. i have also been thinking about how our surroundings, our environment, our country and city influences our fashion and how we feel like expressing ourselves. i can only imagine how the beauty and openness of where you are touches your spirit and the ideas and emotions that flow… lovely!

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