Orange Twist Tango

I need some citrus in my life. A feisty fashion kick in the bum. I want to live here and now. Not anticipating the things to come.

Just being present.

Discovering what today is about.

What I am about.

Learning to trust myself and body more.

Taking responsibility for my decisions and actions. Finding grace in all that has been done.

Fashion is there to help me do the tango. Boosting me along the way.

As I struggle to be happy in today. Longing afar. Missing this… and that.

I try to concentrate on what is small and here. Just at the end of my reach.

Living in style – mine- today. Orange nails ready to attack. But in a sweet way. Sure way. Gentle way. Learning a crumble more about life, each passing day. Care to join my movement here and now, battling the blues or singing a happy song, one second at a time?

Riviera vintage bolero, Etam top, La Halle pants, Aldo boots

9 thoughts on “Orange Twist Tango”

  1. Yes ma’am, I want to join you in the HERE & NOW….I’m currently spending way too much time in anticipation of all things to come in the future — but should concenetrate in this moment. Thanks for the reminder !

  2. It’s funny… I actually read an article today about how “Tangerine Tango” is a hot color in design for 2012 — it’s this orangey tone… and your use of orange and tango in your title made me smile.

    glad to see such a smile on your face as well!

  3. Susu, what a wonderfully uplifting post!

    And I so agree….

    “Just being present.”

    “Discovering what today is about.”

    Living in the moment!

    Faaaaaaaaaabulous ensemble! That black lacy bolero is to DIE FOR!

    Stunning photos too. Love the ones of the icy water!

    Have faaaaaaaabulous weekend, beautiful lady!

    And thanks so much for your supportive words on my post. Really appreciated it!


  4. What a poetic & beautiful post!

    “Finding grace in all that has been done.” is the hardest thing of all. I`m struggeling very much with that. Forgiving oneself and accept (and ackknowledge!) the things one can`t change are a life-long task.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Hugs, Jen

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